End of an Era

This is not to say that I’m quitting blogging. Even if I did there would still be projects uncompleted that I would force myself to complete due to a strong attachment to them so it wouldn’t truly be over.

Basically I’ve left home and gone to University so I don’t have a lot of free time anymore. I moved in on Saturday and this is the first time I’m free to write.

Things are always hectic when you first start moving in though so I will probably have more time to do stuff in the coming months an when I go home for Christmas.

I hope you are all well, if you’re missing my posts you’re always free to message me! I really love this community and don’t necessarily want to completely be apart from it just because my lifestyle is changing pretty dramatically (Coming home at 4 am is pretty unusual for me).

That’s it for the update, see you when I see you.


36 thoughts on “End of an Era

            • Ah right, you start even earlier actually because I was one of the first to leave for uni in the UK. I hope you’re having a good time there. My place has like an anime club thing which will be cool to meet other fans. Met a guy who recognised my Kaiji phone wallpaper and it was pretty funny.

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              • No anime clubs, it’s a Christian school, so there are a lot of bible studies mostly. We have collegians and stuff too, ( which are manditory to join) so no real time for anime clubs. I did watch the first have of Ponyo last week with a friend though, that was cool. Never watched an anime film with someone else before.
                I’m glad you found people that share your interests! Enjoy your club!

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                • Thanks! Don’t like the idea of watching actual shows with people (because don’t really like the selection they’re watching) however they watch films and ova’s which is pretty great. My Uni screens anime films in pretty big cinema dcreens which is great. First week we’re watching Porco Rosso.

                  I didn’t know there were Christian colleges that’s interesting. Is it all Christans? Feels bad if people who don’t care at all would have to do bible studies.

                  Unfortuantly woke up at 4pm today, you get so tired in the first week. So even though I say I don’t have lot of free time I am sleeping pretty late and taking advantage of the weekend. Literally all I’ve done so far today is go shopping and comeback. Made a meal plan and bought it, been eating peetty lazily as a student this week.

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                  • Yeah, it’s mostly Christians, but there are kids who come cause their parents made the (only college they’ll pay for and the kids like, hey free tuition). Yeah, there are a lot actually and they are accredited to, meaning degrees here are worth something to the outside world. There are a lot of small bible colleges, but those are mostly for pastors and missionaries.

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                    • Ah yeah that sucks that they’re in that position, but if they have the perspective of free tuition that’s fair enough. Uni here is pretty expensive so I would go to that if it was free!

                      Its funny, just came back from a Japan society (which isn’t anime) so it looks like I might actually start learning it again. It felt funny that I was mostly with Japanese students though so they’ll learn faster than me!

                      Are there many clubs or parties in Christian college? I’m just interested to know because theirs a lot in University of Sheffield where I study.

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                    • Your going to try learning japanes? That’s cool! We have a lot of international students here, one of the girls I work with actually has three roommates who are all from Japan.

                      Ok, so what’s a party? And next, there aren’t clubs in the sense that you’d call them clubs, they’re more like student run groups that the college doesn’t support and no one announces anywhere. I’m in a prayer group that meets every Saturday for an hour and I’m planning on joining a ladies bible study if I can ever I run into the person who runs it again. We do have Christian service groups, which is when a group of students leaves campus to minister to others and these are student run, but supported by the college. I go with a group of students to a nursing home once a week and hold a service for the residents. My brother participated in a guys only group that witnesses outside a bar on the bad side of town. They acctually led someone to the Lord this week!

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                    • Ah that’s cool. I don’t know how easy it will be but I’ll try it out.

                      I meant like night clubs kind of thing. But I mean other clubs as well since it’s interesting to hear about. My society is pretty highly praised for it’s clubs and has over 350 things you could join. I’m in anime, games and Japan society and am probably going to join mahjong, badminton and squash too. It’s a really good way to meet people.

                      It’s sad that it’s not announced online by the college. I would would say that you should just ask everyone about it or just find her on Facebook. Good luck, hope it went/goes well!

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                    • Oh, no parties or night clubs, if you mean what I think you mean. People hang out, or eat pizza and celebrate birthdays and stuff, but partying like you would in a traditional college sense isn’t really allowed here. We have an in dorm curfew actually, which I think is a good thing. No lights out though, thank goodness, they did away with that only a couple years ago, which means you can work on homework if you need to.

                      I’m not worried about it, I see her around, you tend to run into the people you know pretty often, since the school isn’t really too big. She’s just busy and I haven’t really talked to her.

                      I used to be in clubs at my community college that were more like those ones. International studies and stuff like that. Here there is more of an emphasis on sports, which means I get to play soccer! Yay! They also have a lot of classes that have to do with sports and physical activities, such as tennis or sailing.

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                    • Aw it’s sad that you’re not allowed, as someone who would never go to anything like this just over a week ago I’d say their missing out. I really like those kind of things even though I thought I’d hate them.

                      I guess if theirs not a lot to do until 4 am then a curfew makes sense. It’s a bit controlling to me (who doesn’t have one) but I can see it being useful mainly for people who want sleep. From my perspective even people coming back at 4 am are fine because they come in and quietly go to bed however if everyone’s in then theirs going to be way more talking and noise since they can’t go outside to do it. Yeah lights out sounds good to me. I’d say that I normally go to sleep here at 1;30 am and that would probably not be possible with lights out. Theirs just so much to do that you need to do (as well as stuff for fun) that it’s hard not to stay up that late.

                      That’s fair enough. A good habit I’ve gotten into is trying to talk to everyone and it really works well.

                      I don’t know if that thing about soccer is ironic or not! Good to have sports though, I thought I didn’t like sports but theirs a surprising amount that I really want to go to.

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                    • I get to stay out past curfew every night just about. I have an on campus job where I clean classrooms from 10pm to midnight. I really want to switch jobs though, cause I’m not used to staying up that late and I’d rather keep it that way and be an early riser after college.

                      No, no irony intended. (I forget that you call soccer football.) *laughs at the appropriately placed Americanized imoges that pop up in her suggestion box*

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                    • Yeah that sounds like a bad job. Surprised midnight is past curfue though. Is noise really a problem there. I guess you might not know coming back at 12?

                      Oh dear I never even thought of soccer being football here. At a pub yesterday I watched Derby V Man U for the cup final and only realised it until Derby won. My parents and brother support Derby by the way but someone had brought their switch so I completely missed it cus I was playing on that!

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                    • I just took a random nap on my bed, middle of day. The lights are on, my roommates are talking. Twenty minutes later they see me sleeping, turn of the lights and start being quiet. (They are super nice) and boom I’m awake!

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        • Yeah it’s nice. I started it when I was 16 and it led to a lot of things. Like I don’t think I could ever have written my entire book withought having done this beforehand! It just helps with everything in my opinion.

          I think it would be sad to stop now honestly, got to at least aim to keep at it.

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