Monster Chapter 2 – Downfall

To correct  a mistake from the previous review Monster calls episodes chapters  meaning each episode is equal to a chapter. This means we’re on the second chapter of the 74 episode story. Lots of exciting things are still yet to happen!

monster bullet extraction

Our episode continues taking place directly after the previous with Tenma operating on the child with a bullet wound to the head. The operation looks scary and dangerous but he ultimately succeeds and the child’s life is saved, however the mayor’s life is lost.

Naturally the other doctors are annoyed at Tenma for his lack of teamwork and unreliability which lost the mayor’s life. What I hate most though is how they won’t even hear his side of the story. They ultimately don’t share the same values and don’t even think about the kid as they’re criticizing him. To them it just looks like Tenma didn’t show up for operation whereas it’s actually a really different story.

Tenma in trouble for operating on boy with bullet in head

These early episodes of monster are asking a moral question about who do you decide to save, which life is more important, and ultimately theirs a real morale dilemma here. Tenma thinks all lives are equal therefore it’s a first come first serve thing whereas others prioritize life differently according to money and perceived importance. Tenma’s lack of being able to communicate this (because nobody will let them explain it to him) is what makes his life in the rest of the episode so difficult.

monster eva drops tenmas engagement ring

At a public conference everything goes wrong. The director of the company initially seems fine with Tenma’s actions however it’s very clear the opposite is true. Tenma’s already been demoted and is promised to never rise up to his old position and to never get a good letter of recommendation so he can’t transfer.He’s essentially stuck where he is, as a lowest paid but highest skilled doctor in a hospital he can never leave or progress in. It’s a really sad fate. As well as this his fiance ditches him implying she was only with him in the first place due to his position at the company. She is not regretful at all so it’s not like her father forced it onto her.

What I quite like now though is Tenma’s reaction afterwards. He is not regretful that he saved the boy, instead he thanks him for making him realise how terrible the higher ups at his company were and how corrupt it was. This shows Tenma was prepared to take the righteous path despite consequences and it feels great that he’s sticking to his morals.

monster girl in wheelchair

Obviously the details of the incident that put the boy in the hospital is still unknown so detectives come to the girl to ask her questions, unfortunately she is initially missing and even when found can’t speak due to shock.

It is then proposed that the two kids without parents meet together with the idea that it might cure the girl from her state of shock. Tenma is so against this that he is removed from looking after the children and replaced.

When they do eventually meet the doctors seem to think it went well because the boy put his arm out and moved to meet his sister. I still think Tenma’s judgement was correct however because it had a seriously negative effect on the girl who screamed and panicked, potentially making her state worse. The boy would have recovered naturally anyway however with the girl it’s less certain. To me it’s clear the hospital made the incorrect decision.

monster director gives out girls presents

The director want to stay in the public mind and promote his hospital to the best of his abilities. To do this he’s trying to sensationalize the story of the two kids and it’s just awful to see, and it feels so scummy. The picture of them reuniting would have been put on the newspapers so it wasn’t for a good medical reason that they met each other.

Many members of the public gave gifts to the children, which the director took, it was so scummy.

Later that day Tenma goes drinking to try and cope and he drunkly stumbles home thinking that the people in charge are better off dead, well turns out they are. Both doctors looking after the children as well as the director are dead, which is just crazy, maybe this show is supernatural! The consequences of this is that it might get Tenma in trouble as he has a motive for killing them. But hopefully that’s unlikely, right?

Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to Tenma now that the people who were holding him back are gone.


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