Tomie OVA Review

Instead of just giving you a ‘monster’ episode review for the lead up to Halloween I thought it would instead be more interesting to have a mix of things. So instead of just reviewing those episodes I’ll also be talking about OVA’s, films and manga’s as well as other full season anime reviews like the new yamishibai.

Anyway the Tomie OVA was produced as an extension of the Junji Ito Collection which I only watched one episode of. Essentially Junji Ito is a brilliant horror mangaka whose works have been translated to anime pretty poorly.

Tomie is no exception, while it’s not awful it certainty doesn’t capture the Junji Ito appeal. While it is creepy I know it could have been so much more just from reading his other works.

We start the OVA with a girl named Tomie who is dead, just as the teacher says “She’s dead and not coming back, deal with it” Tomie walks through the door and everyone freaks out. Instead of seeing everything in the present we basically just have flashbacks which also isn’t great.

Everything there would be creepy and would be scary if the sound design was good and the visuals were as on point as I’m sure they are in the manga. The ideas are really creepy and the way the humans act in this is crazy but even so it’s hard to feel as bad.

This is just a 20 minute OVA so if you want to go into it unspoiled then this is your spoiler warning. I still won’t spoil everything but I want to talk about the backstory and more of the plot of Tomie. Instead of watching the anime I’d actually recommend you read the manga instead.

Tomie died when she fell of a cliff at school, what’s so messed up about it is that after she died instead of doing the correct thing the teacher thought it was a good idea to use her dead body for a dissection. The entire class cuts her up into pieces and everyone is just fine about it. She comes back to life but they immediately kill her as well! They’re like “nope” we’re going to kill you! It’s crazy but just feels weird instead of horrifying due to the way the anime portrays it.

Then once they kill her and dissect her the teacher gathers everyone around in a circle and hands out little “presents” which contains tiny parts of Tomie which they have to dispose of. It’s really messed up and horrible.

There are more things that I could say about Tomie but I’d rather you find them out yourselves by reading the manga than finding it here. This anime was pretty bad for a horror so yeah.

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