Monster Chapter 3 – A Murder

I regret to say that this will be the last episode review of monster that I will do in the lead up to Halloween. It’s not that I don’t love the show, quite the opposite in fact. It’s just hard to motivate yourself to watch the show if you know you have to write a huge report on it after you’re finished. So I’m going to stop doing these so that I can just continue on my own watching so I can enjoy the series at my own pace.

Instead I have other plans for the lead up to Halloween so keep your eyes on the lookout for them!

In the previous episode everyone who held the doctor back from progressing in the hospital died, so naturally Tenma is under suspicion, we know he didn’t do it though and we can only hope it doesn’t lead back to him in any way.

The actual question of who the killer is isn’t actually a major part of the show, I didn’t get a sense that we were supposed to be guessing much about it. It’s revealed later that they died through muscle relaxant candies, does this remind you of anything? The three people in the same room both ate candies given as a present to the girl Tenma saved suffering from shock.

Tenma rushes into hospital monster

It simply makes me think that it’s unlikely a doctor or nurse did it and instead a member of the public who came in to give a gift, in the hope that the girl would one day eat it. Since the attempt on the girl’s life took place far away it makes sense to me that a doctor has nothing to do with them so we have nothing to go off when we guess who planted the sweets. Not yet anyway.

It’s possible that a co-worker knew the girl was in shock and wouldn’t be able to eat the sweets, and also knew that the director was coming, and also knew his favourite sweets so maybe it is still possible that the murder was not accidental and the sweets were intended for the director.

Anyway the children were kidnapped and gone so something is happening to them. It might be supernatural, or the murderer or I guess someone else! The kids are obviously a huge part of the story, as in the ongoing investigation, so I’m really interested to see what happens.

Monster investigator detactive talking to Tenma

I quite enjoy how little Dr Tenma cares about the investigation. His priority is saving life. I still enjoy how they show many parts of the investigation regardless which shows it will be important to the story. And even if it isn’t, I still want to know what’s happening myself!

By the way I’m telling these events a little out of order, but don’t worry about it! The structure of the show means that we’re constantly shifting perspectives from event to event and person to person. However I prefer to talk about each individual thing as a whole instead of switching between them which is why I’ve structured my reviews like this.

monster dr Tenma saying what a life as he cries about his promotion

Due to the recent deaths Dr Tenma gets his old position back and is even closer to taking over as director. This is big news for Tenma since he was thinking of leaving. His desire to stay isn’t motivated out of selfishness however, he wants to save people. In fact he’s thinking of returning home anyway so that he can save lives, which he thinks is more important than research.

This is an issue of the show I’ve never actually touched upon, which is better? And it’s all about the short term and long term. In the short term saving lives is more important since it’s an immediate problem, however research has the potential to save far more lives in the future.

Tenma is an excellent doctor and nobody can save lives like he can, this seems like a problem. Surely we would want everyone to be as good as Tenma in the hospital? Maybe then his research could help other doctors to be as good as him, saving lives indirectly instead of directly.

The question is a moral and philosophical one so there isn’t really a right or wrong answer, it is worth thinking about though.

People do know about the rumors of him thinking of leaving the hospital and I would honestly prefer if he didn’t. It would make him look even more suspicious to the detectives for leaving the country and he can still save a lot of lives where he is currently.

Monster Eva mourning over her father the director

The death of the director is obviously very traumatic for Eva, the directors daughter since not only has she lost her father but her status too. She cries in agony as Tenma cries to help her. Instead he’s cut off by the person currently seeing her as he tries to comfort her. She instead pushes him away in shock.

It’s actually a really brilliant scene, caused only by the fact of how good and subtle her character is written. She comes across as very vain to me, caring a lot about money, power and status. Due to her motive for power she makes some very quick instant decisions such as dumping Tenma immediately after he’s fired and switching to the doctor that replaced him. It makes me think that she doesn’t actually love the people she gets with.

Therefore when she is comforted it’s such a great scene as she’s realised she’s lost everything. With no father, no status and no lover she has driven herself into a really bad state and it’s her fault. It’s like the consequences of all her bad actions and personality flaws come rushing back to her when she is comforted by someone she doesn’t even care about.

monster Eva tries to get back with Tenma

She doesn’t learn from it however and tries to get back with Tenma. She argues that she does love him and made a mistake but I’m just doubtful. She wouldn’t have dropped the ring instantly if her feelings were genuine.

Tenma is able to see right through her and walks out knowing how in-genuine she is. I can’t honestly blame him.

I had another sad thought about how do doctors become the best in the first place? Because even with all the medical training in the world it’s hard to re-create the same conditions of a real operation. The pressure and the fact that it’s actually real cannot be simulated. It makes me think that Tenma must have been inexperienced at one point and learned through a lot of mistakes. It’s quite sad to think about.

A lot of accidents happen. It’s reported that theirs a lot more after a flood and theirs also been a car crash victim. Tenma obviously has to deal with all of this, which is ominous. Theirs never a point where the casualties are going down which is sad.

One thing I’m also grateful to this show for is that I never thought about the hospital being a place where investigations happen. However since so many people end up in hospital after attacks it’s only natural that investigators would be there constantly, I just never had that thought in my mind!

monster the monster is coming

We end our episode rather ominously again, the series is called monster after all and a lot of things here appear to be very supernatural. Simply a patient in shock says “the monster is coming” in a very panicked way and the episode ends. Honestly without the promise of a monster the show is interesting enough on its own. I really want to see how the investigation gets concluded and what Tenma gets ups too. The promise of a monster is another great addition which I’m looking forward to see!

Thanks for reading the last episode review of monster, if you liked these I couldn’t recommend watching the actual show enough.

Their are other things that I’ll be doing in October instead which I hope you’ll also enjoy!

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