Junji Ito – Ghost Heights Management

It’s been like 10 days since I last wrote a post here, sorry. I’ve been busy with constant work lately and I find myself rarely thinking about my blog, after Halloween there should be a bit of a reset where I can actually work more. That’s sort of a shame though because It means I can’t write as much horror stuff up to Halloween. It’s a shame really.

This Junji Ito one-shot seems so strange and almost funny, it’s not scary at all. I can only assume it’s because of the perspective of the main character.

The world has been overtaken by monsters and theirs only one human left, a horror manga writer – hmm I wonder who that’s supposed to be. Anyway theirs monsters everywhere but they’re all treated as normal people and blend in to the world, that’s why it’s humorous.

The horror comes from the idea that the human is so used to monsters that he doesn’t recognize this fact and continues living with them as if it’s normal.

He is taken out of his job as a mangaka to become some kind of caretaker for the monsters, sorting problems out. It’s mostly pretty bad but I really liked the smoker who had like 50 cigarettes in his mouth! The art is still great and there are quite a lot of panels like that to see.

Needless to say it doesn’t go well, and there are blatant things wrong with the monsters in the world.

It’s a fairly good one shot and would probably take about the same time to read as this blog post, so get on that!

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