Why Talking About Halloween Spooky Scary Bullshit is Important to Me

A lot of people sigh at things like I’m doing such as only talking about horror for a whole month of the year, it means 1/12 of my months are horror related when there are so many other genre’s to dedicate a month to. For example I’ve hardly seen any mecha (though Evangelion might count for that) or talked about manga on here so why not dedicate a month to that instead?

In fact I probably will at some point in the future, just not now. The short answer is that I enjoy doing this, the long answer is to explain why it’s enjoyable.

The first things is that there is so much horror that I haven’t even consumed yet that’s great. I’d understand not doing it if you’d seen all the good stuff but Halloween is a good excuse to revisit shows that you previously overlooked.

Monster is a classic example of that for me since it’s such a great show. I watched the first episode ages back and even blogged about it in my “What I watched” series. I said that I really liked it and felt it was very deep and interesting but just not what I was looking for at the time. Now that it is Halloween, the nights are dark, and everyone’s talking about monsters and stuff it’s a really good chance to revisit it!

Also this is when it starts to get dark really early in the UK so it makes me feel better about the nights getting darker since the miserable sky contributes really well to the atmosphere.

You’re also often in a horror sort of mood as well which is great to write about and makes the posts better in my opinion. In a way that GTO post was my favourite to write in a long time since it was recreating a horror story instead of talking about one as well.

Theirs also a long gap between each Halloween (precisely a year according to my calculations) so everything feels fresh again and I remember that I’m missing out on things.

Theirs always a new yamishibai to binge watch through since it seems to be released every year at this point. I would never call the series great however it’s fun if you binge watch them all at once with the lights out one night. It can create a very good feeling, as long as the season doesn’t suck that is which normally isn’t the case. Yamishibai season 5 was a bit of a return to form so I hope that it continues to keep on going that way!

I can’t really think of any other reasons to be honest. It doesn’t really make sense to do this at all, the only thing that does make sense is the enjoyment which is all that counts honestly. I don’t really get why anyone would blog about anything they didn’t enjoy.

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