Junji Ito – Clubhouse / House of Friends / Gang House

It now seems clear to me that Junji Ito is not happy with doing things that are generic, even if theirs something that’s already been done before he will always throw a twist or two.

This isn’t just because he wants to be original but theirs an element of horror and fear that is lost when you see the same horror tropes again and again, so by keeping it original Ito still knows he can create a really good reader experience.

I would say that his manga isn’t actually scary, and I’ve been listening to all of this with creepy atmospheric horror music on in the background! (Will maybe turn the lights off next time to check again) It’s just always creepy and the idea of something like that happening can be horrific.

Let’s use this manga club house as an example because it’s not actually scary at all but still interesting because the horror of this haunted house does not come from the supernatural but from the humans who go there.

A group of three friends arrive at the scene of a haunted house and they say they’re going to enter. One of the friends says no so she waits for them to return.

When they enter one person gets creeped out and leaves before the other girl while the last girl continues exploring upstairs, leaving by a reverse exit.

And that was it, that is all that happened on their first visit to the haunted house. But who could possibly make this minor incident into something that turns out to be horrifically bad? Well you know the answer!

I’d say start reading this one shot now if any of this sounds interesting to you. I’m saying that because now I’m going into partial spoilers. Knowing what happens won’t hinder your enjoyment because something that can’t be enjoyed unspoiled isn’t good in the first place but I just want to let you know.

The two friends who went to different floors are drifting apart as friends since they have both found new people. They each try and get the neutral friend to join up with them.

As it turns out each person has joined up with a radical group of students, one who hangs out on the first floor and one who hangs out on the second. They have a huge rivalry and it’s really painful to see.

The girl who is neutral to both is having a difficult time deciding about where their loyalties lie because they have no strong opinion either way – they like both of them.

Well this tension keeps on getting worse until the neutral friend tries to escape to the first floor which is blocked by a thick wooden door. She only makes it part way and her head gets stuck pretty badly.

She asks for help and both floors rush to her (since they want her to join them) this ends up resulting in a bit of a tug of war using a human with her head stuck. Yeah as you can imagine, not a very pleasant thing.

Oh yeah and sorry for the awful featured images lately, the thing about reviewing these one shots is that they are very obscure so theirs basically no pictures of them online.

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