Hey guys yesterday I went to the release of Mirai – The new film by Mamorou Hosoda – so I thought I’d give some brief thoughts now.

Right now its 8:39 am for me and I’ve not slept – more on the reasons why in another post – right now lets talk about the film.

Mirai is pretty good. It has very nice visuals and a relatable story (to me). We open on a huge beautiful city scape before zooming in on the home, which changes as time passes.

Then we have what the whole film is bassed off of. Mirai is born and kei chan, while happy at first, is annoyed by not having enough attention.

The whole film is about these ideas and its pretty interesting. Its not all that gloomy though at least because there are plenty of scenes to lighten the tone.

Most, if not all of the character development occures really weirdly. Through trippy visions or something Kei is taken everywhere in time including the future to try and learn his lesson. Its cool learning about other people in his life and theorising why he can see these things.

Its hard to really know what any of these visions are, I just take it as part of the timetravel.

Speaking of timetravel it is quite nice in this film for how dreamy and fantastical it is. We know some element of it is real due to the way it interacts with the real world in monor ways.

The only thing lacking really was an exolanation for whay was going on. I expected to see an alternate future where mirai was seriously mistreated or something but we got none of that.

Oh well, the film was funny and a really nice watch. Recomended if you like the sound of any of this.

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