Yesterday I watched 24 hours of anime

The title is no lie, I actually did watch 24 hours of anime yesterday. Let me explain.

At my university we have an anime society and theirs this event once a year where we watch anime for 24 hours for charity – Where they ask the members to give money to watch anime.

We started at 8 where we went to see the film Mirai at it’s debut release and then went back to the Uni to watch anime for 24 hours. It was difficult but fun as well because we actually got to see some really great shows as well.

More positives are that we had free Japanese snacks. They bought us ramen, mochi and other stuff that I forgot the name of. That’s where the pocky tweet came from.

Pocky does not live up to the hype

You can still fight me if you like!

But anyway this gives me a lot more material to talk about which is quite nice!

The way watching worked is that we had a suggestion form online and we all submitted stuff there and watched from the suggestions. This meant we watched a lot of episode ones and films which were great.

When I stay awake for 36 hours (because I didn’t watch anime from waking up to going to sleep) I get very tired at around 6/7 am before then waking up later for the rest of the day and normally being fine.

But this time I watched a film that went on forever in the evening and was unable to really pay attention to most of the episodes where I was really tired through. So there are films that I really want to re-watch when I’m not tired out of my mind because I was just so tired that I couldn’t pay attention to it.

I might actually talk about some individual episodes which were good as well as movies from the event.

I also bought a large pizza which basically made me full through the entire thing and unable to continue eating snacks. Yeah I had a lot with me which means I got a tonne left over.

Here is a list of everything I watched – won’t talk about the shows here but might actually go into my opinions about all the episodes in other later posts.

So here is what I watched in order

.Nichijou ep 1 and 2
.Fighbird ep 1
. Berserk 1997 ep 1
. Golden boy ep 4
. The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ep 0
. GANTZ ep 1
. Highschool of the dead ep 1
. Space Dandy ep 7
. Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai ep 1,2,3
. Daily lives of highschool boys ep 1
. Baka to test ep 1
. Seitokai Yakuindomo movie
. nanbaka ep 1
. kokoro connect ep 1
. boku no hero academia ep 24
. naruto ep 48
. tiger and bunny ep 1 and 2
. legend of the galactic heroes ep 1
. horizon in the middle of nowhere ep 1
. cells at work episode 5 and 6
. flip flappers ep 1
. made in abyss ep 1 and 2
. barefoot gen
. bakuon ep 1
. macross: do you remember love?
. Tokyo magnatude 1
. detroit metal city ep 1
. natstutyki rondevuz ep 1
. nana ep 1
. lil spider girl ep 1
. kakurenbo ep 1
. handa kun ep 2
. shumatsu nani shitumasa kan ep 1
. metropilis

There you go! Individually they might add up to 24 hours but bear in mind we watched every op, ed and preview as well as the films and we also had to get taxi’s back from the cinema and watch cinema adds which took way too much time as well.

But regardless of that, it was 24 hours of watching anime with friends, and I don’t know whether to be sad or happy about that.

Anyway what’s the longest amount of time you’ve watched anime for? Can you beat this?


22 thoughts on “Yesterday I watched 24 hours of anime

  1. I ever did this one time when I was a student int holiday. I isolated myself in a dark place in my room with AC turned on but I only did that 12 hours. Watching anime for 24 hours especially with an anime club is great.

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    1. Yeah I agree, couldn’t have done it without the club. 12 hours is a very long time to do it but I don’t know if I could find it fun doing it for that long in the dark alone. It just doesn’t sound fun to me. Anyway it’s a good challenge. The most I’ve ever watched alone is a 12 episode anime in one day (which is around 4-5 hours not too bad).

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      1. Yeah, I don’t really know because I freaking love dark and being alone (although not really too). I always turn off the lamp every night and it feels like it’s so comfortable instead of turning on it. Maybe, I’m a bat because insomnia becomes my habitat too. 😅

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        1. You sound like a goth or emo or something! Hahahaha! I get what you mean though, you always have to do it for horror films and I did it yesterday while watching an anime film to make it easier to see.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeah, I appreciate that for calling me goth and emo. Horror isn’t my favorite unless something related to a dark or psychological theme, now that’s what I best. Anyway, thank you for making the darkness impression becoming deeper. 😁

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    1. I had bluberry, strawberry and white chocolate. Did not have the milk chocolate which is the poular one but even so. Its just very soft and crumbly and you est it instantly. Don’t mean to say its bad, just didn’t live up to the hype (if there even was any).

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      1. Wow, you had interesting flavours! Soft and crumbly though? That’s generally not how I feel about Pocky. The hype is probably because of pop culture, or the fact that you can play the Pocky Game with your significant other if you have one. XD

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah thats where it all comes from. I’m not a food expert so I don’t know how to describe it. I guess I expected it to be crunchier? And I guess the middle bit a bit tastier instead of plain.

          Never heard of that game though, sounds intersesting even though I wouldn’t be able to play it!

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