Dark Souls Remastered – or Why I Haven’t been Blogging Lately

Over 5 months ago now I pre-ordered Dark Souls remastered for the Nintendo switch and it only just arrived in the last couple of weeks! Which means I’ve been playing it a lot.

I was a bit worried purchasing DSR at first because I had the worry that I might start playing, get too frustrated, and then give up, wasting my money. Now of course it’s having the opposite effect.

The combat of dark souls is the reason why so many people give up. I personally love it a lot. Dark souls has a really great space to move around in and all of the combat feels great and fluid. All of the buttons match to actions brilliantly and when you lose I find myself thinking “fair enough” before trying again to do it better. It is difficult and frustrating however its always rewarding when you overcome it.

After much frustration I killed the tauros demon after attempt after attempt by realising that you could just push him off the side. I later learned that you’re supposed to jump on top of him and kicked myself in anger.

Also if you find the bosses tough dark souls really allows you to control it’s difficulty. I went to attack the bell demon as a human, clicked a summon mark without meaning too and literally found a guy to kill the boss for me! It was pretty funny honestly though it does undermine the challenge.

Then I wanted to walk through this tower that lead to the second part of the undead burg but there was this huge knight with a massive sword thing in my way that kept on just killing me (he’s the guy who drops the ring to upgrade stamina if that helps) and it was really annoying. Anyway I took a side route, killed some butterfly and then got the drake sword through backtracking before facing him again only to find that I still lost badly. Then I learned to just be cool, calm and collected and the fight was good.

There are of course more but nothing compares for me so far than exploring the depths with permanent half hp wondering how on earth I was going to get back to spend my huge amount of souls to increase my level since my way back was blocked off. I had to fight through tonnes of difficult enemies made worse by the fact that half my hp could be lost for half an hour – never knowing what would be around the next corner – never knowing if there would be a bonfire in sight. But then I found an open area and walked up the stairs only to find a shortcut which brought me directly back to my bonfire! It was the most relieving and satisfying moment in gaming I’d had in a long time.

And that’s why dark souls is good. It’s difficult but it feels worth it despite that. You find yourself wanting to throw yourself again and again after seemingly impossible foes just because you want that great feeling once you finally beat it.

You will see in a minute the perfect description for this monster

Now that I’ve defeated this spiked vagina monster I now have to go to blight town where theirs three pretty difficult enemies and I keep on accidentally dodging off the platform only to die from fall damage. But I’m prepared to fight them – often enemies like that don’t re-spawn as well. However these guys might not because I swear I beat one of them maybe? Oh well who cares?

The world of dark souls is also brilliant with epic exploration. It feels like every location is so close to each other because short cuts open up that lead you to places where you’re like “oh yeah that would go here”. I’ve frequently visited the starting area from places that felt so, so far away distance wise and it feels genuinely great. It’s such a good design.

I think the leveling system is pretty bad in dark souls, mainly because it’s prone to beginners messing it up a lot and having an awful character. My friend who’s a bit of an expert said to just level up strength and dexterity until level 40 (then pick one and maybe go for endurance too) and so far I’ve been following him and doing alright, oh yeah and upgrade weapon too. Though he’s also told me to not really bother with armour and shield too, not working too badly so far. Oh yeah he also told me to pick the build where you have no starting armour – which was great!

But yeah I’ve been going through the game and have been playing it at my own pace. Some people will talk about a correct way to play the game and that you should make it as hard as you can for yourself but that’s whats good about dark souls. To an extent you can control you’re difficulty.

I like how I can kindle bonfires when an areas annoying me, or that I can summon players in a hopeless boss fight, or that I can just look up tips and tricks to find easy ways around the difficult scenarios I might be in and I like how the master key can be used to unlock a bonfire that is so, so, so convenient to me that other players wouldn’t be able to access. It’s difficult but the game makes it easy if you want to help yourself and make it more fun.

Some people love the challenge, some people the fight with all these easy things is still the challenge.

The main downside is how difficult the leveling is to get into for new players and how it’s hard to remember when to be tactful (normally for big strong enemies) in contrast to just normal I guess. Also I tend to panic a lot and dodge into places I have no business dodging into – but I guess I just need to get good.

Also I just got really weirded out by the spelling of business and I can’t stop pronouncing it as bus-ey-ness in my head. See you for some actual blogging soon guys!


2 thoughts on “Dark Souls Remastered – or Why I Haven’t been Blogging Lately

  1. See, there’s a reason I never picked up Dark Souls. You’d never hear from me again! STALKER Misery and now Dead Air are bad enough…

    Thanks for the update, though! I get worried easily…

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    1. hahaha yeah it is a game like that, but I just restarted because I messed up my build and I’m nearly at where I was at the 15 hour mark in just 3 hours or so. So I guess the game is that skillful.

      No worries. I’m still blogging but just not doing that insane schedule of 2 blog posts a day anymore.

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