I’ve made 700 posts! Here’s my top 9 personal posts!

That’s right, it’s been a long (nearly) two years but in that time I have made an amazingly huge amount of posts and thanks to Arthifis I’m making a top ten list for each of the posts that I’ve made. But since some of my posts are so different then I’m doing a couple of these about each of the different type of posts that I write!


This time I’m talking about my most personal blog posts and why I like them so much. Also I’ve not re-read these so if you go to them then sorry if they’re bad. They just mean a lot to me that I don’t want to risk looking back at it and finding it awful.


This was quite important to me because a popular podcast that I listened to was getting sued by the Internets first troll for making fun of him on his episodes. It seemed very unreasonable to sue someone for making fun of you, as well as every other guest on the show, and that was when he lost his case in court. It was very relieving and I was really happy for all the people on the show.

It was written after learning the news and it was made in a complete rush of happiness, that’s why it’s at the number 10 spot.

8. What was Hentai Wednesdays?

This was a post I made about my experience on YouTube and a particular series by the name of Hentai Wednesdays.  It was basically retrospectively talking about the old series and why people liked it and why I kept it up and how it actually ended up doing pretty well on YouTube.

7. The one day of anime challenge!

Blog post challenges are really common on WordPress and right now I don’t mind them, however ages ago at the time I wrote the post I didn’t really like reading challenge posts at all. Mainly the 30 day challenge really because of how repetitive the questions were and how most of the questions I didn’t care about at all.

There was also a huge factor that as an anime blogger I had already made so many posts about the questions there that I could never actually do the challenge without repeating myself 50% of the time.

Therefore I thought I’d make fun of all of the challenge posts by creating my own and making a complete mockery of it. That’s where the 1 day of anime challenge came from.

It was pretty funny to some people.

  1. Please Don’t Plagerize me (turns out this is one of the unlisted once since the situation got sorted)

I made this post after a website had started stealing my content. I put out a pretty sad post about it. It had really annoyed me that they hadn’t just taken anime stuff but more personal things from my website. Like I had taken ages drawing a picture to give as a present and that was now up on someones stolen site. It felt so scummy to me.

Anyway the response I got was great and really cheered me up. As well as that a number of people came to my aid and really helped me out. It was such a good thing. It was a very personal post but I just loved the feeling of community during that time.

5. 100 Followers – What’s changed?

When I hit 100 followers it was at the end of a pretty big change as my attitude as a blogger. And that change of attitude was what got me those followers in the first place. I basically talked about how I have changed as a blogger since the last milestone and what had happened to me in that time.

Theirs not much more to describe, it was just quite interesting to me to catalog the difference in my attitude to blogging.

4. What anime character am I most like?

Oh god this post was a complete trip to write. First of all I thought it would be pretty fun to write some kind of meta post. Then I was also watching bobobo at the same time. So what did I do? I wrote a blog post in the style of a bobobo episode.

For those of you who don’t know bobobo is a show with episodes which are insane. They have the most absurd scenarios and the plot of the episode changes every 5 minutes. The episodes have tangents everywhere, one simple line is said and then suddenly the entire episode changes.

This is what that post was like. It changes topics all the time and actually goes into some quite personal things.

Can’t promise that any of it is honest, and it probably actually pretty rude to some people. Know that I don’t have anything against anyone and that I probably don’t mean it now if it offends you.

I just checked and I’m pretty glad I didn’t call anyone out in that, because I know at the time I was writing it with specific bloggers in mind that I actually really like now, so I disagree with a lot of it.

3. How A Horror Story from GTO Influenced So Many People I know

This horror story from GTO has influenced so many people I know, so it was so fun to revisit it and think about how much people were influenced by it.

I also made it around halloween and it was a really good thing I did to get me into the spirit. I’m also just really happy with the story and thought it was so fun to write.


Yeah this post was one of my favourite personal posts but not for the reasons you might expect.

The whole thing was basically recounting a very personal story about how messed up and dumb the organisation and work for my schools trip to China was, Spoilers it didn’t work out well at all.

I walked through a winding narrative into despair and eventually cheating the system out of spite. It was a pretty horrific story that what actually hard to believe, but it’s all true.

1.Do not watch bad anime

Yes this was on here because it had to be the best comments I had on a set of posts, it was very interesting to me and brought about lots more posts, more changes of attitude and better understanding.

It was fairly recent as well so I got to remember all the things that’s changed.

As well as that this whole series on bad/boring anime is still not over. Theirs still at least one post left that’s coming up!


Anyway there you go that was my top ten personal posts I’ve made out of all 700 that I’ve written! Yeah that’s a lot of posts to sort through. feel free to check out any of these posts if you missed them! Next we will be moving on to anime posts that I’ve made!

9 thoughts on “I’ve made 700 posts! Here’s my top 9 personal posts!

    1. Cheers thanks a lot! I have spent a heck of a lot of time blogging and it just built up somehow! It’s probably come from blogging about whatever I was interested in instead of what’s popular. Because something you’re interested in is probably gonna make a better blog post anyway. But yeah sorting through 700 blog posts is time consuming so it’s still taking a while for the other top 10s to come out.

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