250 Followers Thank You! And Stat Showcase Too

This is a very late thank you for 250 followers! It means a lot to me that people find my blog worth reading and enjoy it’s content enough to follow for more! I have wanted to show my stats for a while now because I think they’re pretty useful and interesting to learn from.

Also thank you to one special email follower (Lexie) who has been subscribed to me via email for 2 years! That means you’ve basically received 700 emails from my blog, through months where I would consistently release posts twice a day. You do still use that email address right? Right? Right?

So now I guess I’ll just show all my stats and then explain things about them. If theirs something that you want that I forgot just ask for it!

The stats (As of December 3rd when I wrote this)

Views per monthdailyviews

yearly search termsyearly post viewsreferers for the year

53 Twitter followers YES! BTW
Latest post (I guess)

post activity


yearly stats

more statisticals

I think that’s all people care about now on to talking about the stats and what you can learn from them!

Organic Growth

goes 27, 109, 143, 162, 177, 449, 473

From December to June shows what organic looks like on a word press blog. You can expect to get more views than 15 in your first month because I started on the 27th of December so that’s not nearly representative.

Organic growth is where you just release your posts and do nothing else. You don’t interact with the community or cater to what people like. You don’t particularly try to get yourself out there it just happens.

What happened in May and June? I can only guess that I got lucky, maybe engaged with the community slightly or it could have been my post that did fairly well about eromanga sensei.

Boosted Growth


On WordPress it takes a lot to boost views and sometimes you need a push. However once that push is over it’s very rare that they revert back to their original state. So in July I released 69 posts giving me a huge boost from last time.

However increase in posts does not correlate to views. If you look I released 4x more posts but only doubled my views, which was not great. That could be attributed to the content of the posts – very short episode reviews a lot of which I didn’t care about.

Anyway after that month I released less posts and got more views for it. That’s due to the previous posts and the fact that suddenly stopping posting doesn’t reduce your views nearly as much as you think.

If you want more proof of putting less content out for posts doesn’t effect views that much then look at November and how I put out half the blog posts as the previous month but got more views for it.

High Output of Posts and High Community Engagement


This was me starting January and going up until August. The combination of both can really do a lot for a blog. The explanation for the high spike in March was due to my Sakamoto post going viral which sort of messes up my stats which were fairly easy to follow. While I’m thankful that the post went viral it’s harder in this instance to draw information about my stats to help other people know what’s going on.

At any rate my views were steadily increasing by a certain amount (on average) and that’s what normally happens. What’s interesting to notice is that the percentage increace in views is comparable to the time of organic growth. You have to put a lot more work in to gain more views when you already have a really high amount.

When you suddenly stop both a high output of posts and community engagement

low views so sad

Ever since University this has happened to me. In September and October I released a 4th of the amount of posts I usually do and the following I released an 8th of what I used too. Of course this is going to result in a substantial set back of views but not nearly by the same proportions. My views only halved after the second month (compared to outputting a 4th) and that brings me to the next point.

If you stick with the consistent change you will notice a difference.

But there is an interesting point in November where I dropped to 8 posts a month only to increase my views. I can only imagine this is one of a few things, The first is that people get recommended things on an algorithm and your blog might be on this, and changing your frequency of blog posts will change how your blog is treated, and it takes a while to get used to the change. That sounds so dodgy though.

Then it could also be that my Sakamoto post is going more viral lately and lastly the posts I released could just have been ones that get better popularity.

Predictions for this month

The month of December is going to be strange for me. I will go back home from Uni on the 15th which will give me more time to return to how things used to be. Though it won’t be the same since I’ll probably be with friends a lot more of the time.

At any rate it should result in an increase of blogging which I don’t know how good will be for views. It seems weird to say but I’m wondering if constant output will result in the opposite effect, like people will get bored of seeing me or that it will affect the search-ability of my Sakamoto post which is where a lot of my views come from now.

Now I think my views will go back to how there in September since my Sakamoto post is going more viral now. It’s got like 200 views in 3 days so yeah.

Hey I wrote this and guess what?

views goin up
Common keep on continuing yeah!

What a viral post looks like

Sakamoto views

Some bloggers probably get posts that go a lot more viral than this one, however this is the best I can do to attempt to show you what they look like stat wise.

My Sakamoto post has about 9,000 views now which is quite a lot. March shows the start of when it went viral and before then it was already quite popular. What happened was that someone with a lot of popularity on Facebook shared it and I got a huge amount of views. I wish I could find out how many but I don’t know how.

view spike
The circled one highlights when the Sakamoto post got popular – you notice it

Then it just stayed like that which was very lucky. When I get to the 2.5k-3k views mark it might look like I have a lot but so much of that comes from the one post that you can off like 800 views a month from that stat for if the Sakamoto post never existed.


Thank you very much for 250 followers and I hope you found something useful about stats! I know it’s unlikely that you will use these stats to your advantage however they’re interesting to know. I myself like to see what the different sort of growths look like because that’s pretty much the only interesting thing about stats, that and the fact that each one represents a single person.

I don’t honestly know if this amount of views/comments/likes/anything else looks like a little or a lot. However I’m just very grateful to everyone who has read any of the posts at all, it means a lot to me and I’m really grateful anyone is reading me at all! Thank you to anyone who has read any post I’ve put out and thank you even more if you’ve commented and shared it and stuff. You readers are very special to me and without you, I probably still wouldn’t be doing this.

And most importantly I’m still beating Veol by a long shot this year

beating veol


veol oh no


Veol only wrote 6 posts and two of them got over 100 views! If you do the maths actually 6: 306 and 700: 25,992 posts isn’t great. If you switch my ratio I only get 223 views for every 6 posts. No Veol beat me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Veol didn’t even write any posts this year what the hell!

Next year I WILL win.

18 thoughts on “250 Followers Thank You! And Stat Showcase Too

  1. Thanks very much for showing your stats. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t got a single post that has even a 1000 views so nothing I have written has ever gone viral or even close to it. Still, it is interesting seeing how different bloggers go and things that impact on their blog.
    Congrats again on the 250 followers and best of luck next year with your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow that honestly surprises me, I would have thought your top 5’s or features would be able to get pretty popular. I hope more people can find your posts soon!

      But yeah having posts get as popular as that is just luck in my opinion. Of the other two posts over 1000 views one of them is prison school clickbait(ish) and the other is “Top ten reasons why anime sucks” which I’m not sure I even wanted to get popular in the first place!

      I’ve always done really well on google and really badly on word-press, it’s hard to know why but sometimes it works like that. Algorithms and stuff I guess.

      Thanks! Best of luck with your blog next year too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you.
        My top post ever is tragically a single episode review of How Not To Summon a Demon Lord. Reason for popularity, I used the word ‘boobs’ in the title. Seriously not the post I’d want as my number one from my blog. Even then, it’s only around 400 or 500 views.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. What that’s crazy unfair, you’ve got to hate when a post you’re not proud of is number one in comparison to your other favourites. Like I consider myself so lucky that (probably) my favourite post ever is the most popular.

          That’s interesting to me, because I’ve always thought that talking about seasonal anime (which I know you do a lot of) is pretty good for views, well in comparison to the seriously obscure stuff I tend to talk about.

          Why things get popular and why things don’t is just a mystery to me for the most part. I know that you get a lot more views than I do (I think I remember your stats post) however I hope your individual posts can surpass that demon lord review!

          Sorry I’ve just been reading your comment for like ten minutes because my mind has been blown.

          I’m sorry if this is something you don’t want to say, you don’t have to tell me, I’m just interested because I always looked at seasonal anime as “the popular thing to talk about” but if a person were to consistently blog about seasonal anime for a really long time how many views would they expect the average episode review to get in the first couple of weeks or so?

          Because if you blog in the way I do it’s rare to get more than 20 views in the first few weeks – all growth is long term.

          Also my second most viewed post has “boobs” in the title as well, it’s pretty sad that it can have such an effect on views! Though I understand why it happens I guess.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I’m very upfront about my stats and always fairly curious as to how other people go, so happy to answer any questions.
            First episode reviews in the season usually do very well. Usually 50 – 70 views and then they build up. So Yuri on Ice episode one is now up to around 300 views. However, episodes later in the season can get anywhere between 10 and 70 views and that’s where they stay.
            I write episode reviews to have those immediate conversations with other seasonal watchers and even if only 10 people follow the reviews of a particular show, I still enjoy writing them and discussing them with those people.
            My top 5’s and features are posts that do significantly better long term and get a lot more time put into writing them.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Wow that’s interesting, and surprising mainly for the lowest threshold. My lowest viewed posts of all time are at ten views as well. I’m just surprised how similar our views per post are in that respect.

              Yeah of course, I know that no bloggers really do blogging for the views, there are far better places to get them! The community is the important thing. It’s why I’m looking forward to getting home from uni and finally having more time to catch up with everyone.

              Yeah I get you, I’ve really disliked nearly all seasonal anime’s for ages so I value you’re other posts a lot more, and the time spent on them really shows. (Not that you don’t work hard on your seasonal anime stuff, it’s just I’m not interested in the subject material so I don’t read it)

              Liked by 1 person

      1. I dropped it halfway, not because I disliked it but simply because I got busy and kind of forgot about it, as I do with 50% of shows I watched. Heck, I’ve even designed a series of buttons for the series!

        Liked by 1 person

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