12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 1 – AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Saint Young Men I guess

Oh no what have I done!! It’s the 12 days of anime Christmas, theirs 2hrs 15mins left of the 1st day and I have absolutely no clue about anything that I want to talk about oh nooooo!!

Anyway I guess I’m doing this now, thank you to Rose for reminding me! Try this post about death note, I liked it!

Alright so what’s Christmassy in anime and stuff that I can talk about? I guess I watched Saint young men like yesterday.

It’s about Jesus and Buddah living in a flat in Japan, and if that concept alone doesn’t sell the show for you it’s probably not for you. That’s my review, it’s pretty funny… and christmassy because Jesus is in it! And it just so happens that this character called Jesus has his birthday on Christmas day, making the show automatically christmasslike! You know, because mere coincidence of birth is worth a rushed day of Christmas!

I sort of hoped that Saint Young men would be incredibly offensive (because that would be funny) however it was just innocent humor about the quirks of both characters. Like cats sacrifice themselves to Jesus, they have budist statues in their home and they accidentally perform miracles without wanting too – they don’t want to blow their cover.

Anyway I’ve got to go home tomorrow after being away for 3 months, and I’m nowhere near ready and I’ve left it way too late. So see ya!

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