12 Days of Anime Christmas – I’ve done it again! Day 2!!!!

No not again! How could I let this happen! Right now theirs only one day left of the last day of anime Christmas and so far no posts have been written, so essentially I’ve left it too late again, which sucks sort of!

But who can blame me really, it’s been a pretty hectic day so far! First of all today was the day I went back to my hometown for Christmas after being away for so long, 3 months at least. So yeah a lot of stuff, packing, travelling and that’s it really but both of those are pretty time consuming honestly!

Today as a random thought and idea I’m going to talk about coincidences in anime. Does anyone else know the feeling when you’re watching an anime where a really huge coincidence happens and your like “of course that would happen, this is anime and not real life” Yeah it’s not a great feeling, but it’s not too bad.

So far all I can think of is nothing however I think I’ve explained it well enough. Hahaha, let’s all laugh and find it funny in my minds, please imagine a more in depth and funny post discussing this.

Anyway one of these things (coincidences) happened to me today and it was so impossibly cool to happen.

So me and pretty much all of my friends went to Uni this year which means we’re all coming back for Christmas. Now imagine my surprise when I’m just waiting for the train in freezing cold weather, desperately trying to keep warm from the stormy winds and cold air, when my best friend just shows up out of nowhere and we get the same train home together. Now that was great!

As you can tell, you want these guys on the seat next to you

Normally I’m pretty nervous on train journeys – What if it’s not the right train? What if I miss my stop? What if they find out that I didn’t actually book a ticket? And it goes on.

But all of those things went away as we just talked, laughed, cached up and really annoying the guys around us by talking so loudly.

I went home, talked to my parents and brother and stuff, and then got a haircut, and to be honest I needed it. Since I was at Uni I was like “haircuts cost money, and I need money, therefore I won’t get one” however that was a big mistake.

It turns out that the hair had formed a cocoon around my head, trapping the real Ross inside. That’s right this was no haircut, it was a rescue mission. And now I’m ok. The hairdresser took one look, ran back to the car for some titanium steel sheers and just went ham on it.

As you can tell, even with real hair, I still can’t take a good picture

For my Mums birthday I bought her a copy of “The Secret World of  Arrietty” which we watched together and enjoyed. Then since I left my copy of zelda breath of the wild at home I played some of that, including one or two of the switch games I got at Uni but never had the chance to play on the TV.

Then of course dinner, and strictly come dancing final for some reason even though I don’t care and don’t watch it!

Oh yeah and for some reason there was this really annoying video symbol on the bottom right corner of the screen that was impossible to get rid of. Help me!

Anyway this has been like 90% filler for 1% anime content so I hope you don’t mind! I actually have time to do stuff tomorrow (maybe – hopefully – actually not hopefully) but yeah – I have an idea for tomorrow, so yeah!

Happy 2nd day of Christmas guys. It’s Christmas themed because I’m coming home for Christmas… and I had a happy coincidence… and there was Christmas lights and stuff… ok it felt Christmassy alright! Ok! That’s good enough alright!

I don’t even know if people are even coming to hear about Christmas anyway – like “anime Christmas” doesn’t even make sense. The Japanese go to KFC for Christmas – that’s not Christmassy at all!

Wow I finished with 20 minutes of the day left! That means I can work more on this post to really improve it, maybe talk about anime more. Oh wait, screw it.


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