Bad ass Akagi Moments! – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 4

Thank you very much for sticking around with my 12 days of anime Christmas. Even though I am writing this one at 11pm with 1 hour left before the days over I’m actually writing this for tomorrow’s day instead since it’s already looking pretty busy!

Now then I’ve been re-watching Akagi this year so I thought I would talk about some really interesting things that I remember from it. Now that I can actually play mahjong it’s a lot more interesting to me!

1 – Cheating the discards

It wouldn’t be that fun of a show if there wasn’t at least a little bit of cheating involved somewhere! This is one that I liked the most. So Akagi enters a game late and his friend is already in a terrible position, in fact every single one of his discards can be used by other people. So what does Akagi do? He cheats essentially.

What he does is place the dangerous discard on top and then swaps it’s position with a circle tile which is safe. In that way he avoids danger and nobody notices the change. It was quite genius in my opinion.

2 – The car jump

Outside of the game of Mahjong Akagi starts the series after a violent game of gambling that he played with other people. It was a game where you ride to the edge of the cliff very quickly and try to be the one to stop furthest away. Akagi’s thoughts on the situation was particularly interesting to me.

He noticed that he was put in the worse position and that it was sort of rigged in a way. If he wanted to escape out of the driverside window he would be unable to since the other car would be in the way.

He essentially knew that by agreeing to do this game he would be falling into the cliff. He however used this to win by never braking while the other person broke and fell onto the rocks bellow, massively injuring him. Akagi was however more or less fine since he landed in deeper water and was prepared for the aftermath.

3 – Akagi leaves the game

At one point Akagi is so sure of his victory that he walks out before he’s even won, confident that the next tile played would win him the game.

The way he does this by cornering the opponent into such a difficult position is amazing to see. It’s such a satisfying turn of events.

4 – Russian Roulette

Akagi at one point has a loaded gun with one bullet, he spins it and puts it to the head of his opponent, and pulls the trigger to test him. It’s such a tense moment but achieves more than that. It shows that Akagi’s opponent is going to be blind since he had such good hearing he could tell what round the bullet had landed on.

To prove that Akagi was up to it as well he took a shot in the mouth, it wasn’t loaded. It beautifully showed the strength of willpower of the two guys and really built up the hype for the next event that would take place!

5 – Akagi’s Bargaining

If this list hasn’t already proved that Akagi has balls of steel then I’m sure this will.

Akagi is a guy playing against the yakuza. He initially plays to help clear a guy of his debts but once he’s worked that out already and solved the situation he then pushes his luck further and challenges the Yakuza again for an all or nothing match, he does this again and again and again in an attempt to drive them out of business.

Akagi’s involvement with the Yakuza is truly brave but also makes it so fun and interesting to watch!

And there you go that was five bad ass moments from Akagi, if you want more then check out the show for yourselves, it’s worth it even if you don’t understand mahjong!


7 thoughts on “Bad ass Akagi Moments! – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 4

  1. Yeah! After season 2 of Kaiji, I needed more of it so right now I’m reading the manga. I’m at the mahjong match and it’s good. I also watched One Outs. Thanks for the recommendations!

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    1. Yeah no problem I love those kind of shows! I recommend the rest of the kaiji manga too honestly as well as the one outs manga. I really like where the one outs manga goes after the series is over, it will definitely surprise you if you don’t know what happens!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YES!!!!! Akagi has balls of steels for sure. I completely agree. 100%. My favourite part was in the last episode when he’s like “I don’t need it.”

    I almost forgot about #3! That was hilarious. Akagi is such an amazing character.

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    1. Yeah! I only just remembered that you’re into Kaiji/Liar game kind of anime and manga. I’ve been going through everything Fukumoto’s written lately.

      I don’t remember that bit but I’m re-watching the show so I’ll be sure to run into it! I know that it ends halfway through the match so I might actually continue to the manga.

      Yeah Akagi is a pretty crazy 13 year old. In like episode 2 or 3 he just goes out there and shoots a guy in his legs twice! That nearly made it to the list.

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