Netflix’s Castlevania ep 1 – When’s Simon Belmont going to show up?

So yesterday I talked about the idea of getting a new 2D Berserk anime made by the guys who created this castlevania anime. So it only made sense to me to actually review the castlevania show to see if I’d actually want these guys to create the next Berserk. It’s only 4 episodes long so it’s not like I’m committing to episodically reviewing a massive series or anything!

The episode starts with Dracula encountering a human girl called Lisa and falling in love with her, only to see that she died a little later in human hands for being called a witch. Then as a consequence Dracula says that as punishment he will wipe out all of humanity in one year unless they change their ways. The people don’t change at all so he releases his masses on people and causes huge destruction. As his army continues some people in a bar comment on this being the Belmont’s fault and that they should of killed all of them years ago.

The start of this show is pretty slow however it’s still pretty interesting in setting everything up for the show. It’s not a massively brilliant start though because it’s essentially all set up about characters who we don’t really know a lot about.

I like the visuals a lot and I like where it’s going but that in itself was not a brilliant episode. For one Simon Belmont was not in this and that’s the guy I’m most interested in.

I’m going to be playing smash bros soon with Richter and Simon in is and I sort of want to know who they are and what they’re doing!

I know that castlevania makes half of the genre “metroidvania” which makes the idea of this show very different to the games in my mind, though I’ve not played any of it. It makes me wonder how close it will be to the games or if I will experience an entirely new story.

Anyway next time I hope to see Simon Belmont and I also wonder if there will be anything about those guys in the pub trying to kill him. It will be interesting to me what happens next!

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