One Hell of a Moon Mission – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 5

Perhaps one of my most tense and enjoyable moment from anime this year was when I watched space brothers and specifically Hibito’s moon mission.

Previously I didn’t spoil all of this but now I will talk about absolutely everything that went down that day since it was just so good to watch.

So Hibito and one other astronaut was on a moon buggy (or something) to go and look around. All was normal until they suddenly realised that they were running straight into a canyon and there was nothing they could do about it. So they broke as hard as they could and fell down hard and got separated from each other.

So astronauts have one torch (which is tiny btw) and one flare. They use the flare with the intention of showing other people where they are so that they can be found and rescued. Since there are two astronauts they had 2 flares one of which had already been used.

This flare let the other astronauts know that they needed rescuing, so everyone on the moon and Huston were at their stations ready to go. They set up this huge moon truck which transported oxygen and sent everyone to that location where they set the flare off ready to pick them up from location.

But that wasn’t correct. Hibito and his other astronaut were not there.

Essentially Hiboto had found the other guy due to the flare but he was in an awful position. His temperature control unit was broken which meant that he was slowly freezing to death.

During all of Hibito’s training he was told one thing about what to do in this situation: if an astronaut can’t make it and you can, you should leave them behind to die.

This was the first time an event like this had happened on the moon so Hibito was stuck because he of course wanted to save him. The problem was that if he left the astronaut there and waited he would die. Since they both had enough air in their tank for a day or so he knew he needed to take him to the surface where the hot sun would keep him warm for him to survive.

But that was difficult as well since if they were going to escape Hibito would need his flare to show them where they escaped too but his flare also provided warmth as well and his friend might die if he doesn’t use it to help him.

So instead he uses a flare to heat up the rocks and he gives them to him for warmth.

Then he finds a disused buggy, switches the battery with the one that fell down the cliff and broke and took him up a very gradual slope. In fact the disused buggy was why they were travelling in that direction in the first place.

It was while going up that that Hibito reached a point where he had to winch the other astronaut up a cliff, he fell off and his air tank broke. This meant that he was relying on just his backup tank which had around 30 minutes of air left in it.

So this meant that two people were likely going to die.

Hibito wasn’t the main character but he was the brother of the main character and still played a really important role in the series. He was the kind of guy who could die very easily and would have been a good choice to kill off. So due to this I was genuinely scared for his safety.

When the people back in space see Hibito’s air tank drop they realise what’s going on. They have both moved, so now the moon tank bus thing is being driven around the canyon but it’s going to take way too long even though he’s pushing the vehicle to it’s absolute limits.

So Hibito and the guy eventually make it to the surface and knowing that the vehicles are coming to save him Hibito goes out to look for it. But it doesn’t seem likely to happen and Hibito has to accept the fact that he will die as he is walking aimlessly into nowhere.

His tank runs out and he starts gagging because for the first time in his life he has no air to breathe.

As he slowly starts to die he starts seeing things. Including this astronaut that was left behind by a previous astronaut that had been to the moon.

Then he finds not the vehicle but a rover that has been sent to his location, he frantically  plugs himself into the oxygen tank and survives to live another day

But how did this happen? Well it was all thanks to his brother who had been watching all of this go down from Huston. Because he knows Hibito so well that he predicts what he will do. It was only made possible because of Nanba Mutta his brother, who saved his life from back home.

It was such a dramatic and interesting set of episodes that it was so fascinating to watch that it just grips your for the number of episodes that it takes to complete.

Thanks for reading day 5, see you tomorrow for day 6!



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