I’ve joined a Mahjong Club!

If you are a fairly big anime fan I’d be surprised if you didn’t know what mahjong was. A lot of shows have games of mahjong in them and it’s normally when you find yourself being insanely confused to a point that you don’t understand what’s going on.


So this is what the tiles look like. You need to collect 4 sets of 3 and one pair to win. This isn’t really close to a winning hand at all in the style of mahjong that I play.

I play HK style which I think is a lot easier than Japanese style. This was when we were playing something called “chicken hand” which is where you can win with zero points. This means all you need is 4 sets of 3 and a pair to win and it doesn’t matter the combination.


This is a winning hand of a 3 points to win round, it will look a lot different from a winning hand in Japanese mahjong.

In terms of the actual society it’s really fun. At first I didn’t know a lot but they had the people who knew what to play sit with the guys who didn’t teaching them as they played. So that way it became pretty good and fun.

Sometimes I win once sometimes I win like 5 times, it feels like now I’m getting pretty good at it though and got the prize for most wins of the semester, which doesn’t mean that much since I was the most regular person going.


This is what I won! At first I didn’t know what it was but apparently it’s 3 games in one: poker, rock paper scissors, and mahjong. So I now have paper mahjong at home! It’s pretty fun though difficult to hold 13 cards at once!

I actually taught it to my flatmates and we had a pretty fun time playing, I won every game though but yeah – I’d expect that.

My biggest pride of mahjong was winning on the last tile discard and my saddest moment was when I threw away a hand that was so close to 13 orphans just because I was told that it was unlikely to come up. I had all dragons and winds as well as three of the 1’s and 9’s I needed. It was possible to come up!

Anyway the cards look like this…


So they’re small and funny to look at.

The difference between HK mahjong and Japanese mahjong is pretty big. I went back to watching akagi and was confused by it since it played really differently to the normal mahjong I tend to play. Namely because there was a mix of tiles in hands that were somehow worth tonnes of points.

While watching the show I perfectly understand why they win and what they should do to win in the game but I can’t really work out why the points values are the way they are since they are so different to HK mahjong that you are honestly trying to go for completely different types of hands.

Like in HK you aim to collect a specific type of tile i.e all bamboo or all stones but in the Japanese version you aim for very different things from the looks of it because the points are given differently.

For example the highest points in HK mahjong besides infinity is 9, and in Akagi the characters are getting like 8,000 points per win! It’s so odd to me.

Anyway last time I played it with people I took pictures of all my winning hands so here they are!

(The 6 of bamboo was previously konged)


(The flower tiles are just worth bonus points, they don’t contribute to hands)

And there they are (I forgot to take a picture of the first hand I won) but it’s fun to look at them. The first image had all three suits in them however all pongs hand is worth three points so you can play it for 3 point wins.

I’m having a really good time with it so far and will continue playing when I get back!



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