“I’ve got a Confession to Make” – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 7

“Confessions” is a manga written by Fukumoto Noboyuki but drawn by another person who draws with a different art style. Fukumoto’s art style is iconic and excellent however I can only assume that it was to create a different tone that he switched artist. Which to be honest was a good choice.

Confessions opens with two men on a mountain walk suffering through a blizzard. But dying men might have secrets that can’t be told to each other until their dying moments and one of the men is about to die. After revealing this terrifying secret it turns out that they were closer to safety than they think and they scramble back to a house where they might be able to live.

The temporary removal of safety is the least of the main characters concern, because now he knows a secret that he should not know, and the scheming begins.

If  you want to read this unspoiled then read “confessions” here right now. It’s very short and it’s worth it.

I really love mind games and complex strategy with high stake scenarios and this is definitely the case. The secret that he learns is that the guy killed one of their previous mutual friends. This obviously jeopardizes his integration into society since another person knows what happened.

Phone cables are cut, shoes are broken and they chase each other around violently.

Essentially the guy who is innocent set an alarm for the time to wait before rescue guys come to get them. That means he just needs to last until then. It eventually turns into a complex game of cat and mouse in a tiring wait for them to come.

Doors are barricaded and traps and schemes succeed and fail. Until one specific scheme that succeeds and the innocent guy finds that he’s trapped and about to be killed. He shouts out that he would never report him, but he doesn’t believe him, he wanted a better reason or a way to know for sure that he wouldn’t tell.

But it turns out that the innocent guy isn’t innocent at all, he confesses that he killed her, and then finds himself in the same position as his friend, So now he has one important decision to make.

Thanks for reading day 7, see you tomorrow for day 8!

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