Netflix’s Castlevania ep 2 – Trevor Belmont

With the completion of this episode we are now halfway through the first season! Which is pretty strange considering  not a lot has happened. I’ve sort of given up the idea that this will be relevant to the games at all since it’s not really setting anything up to go that way.

After getting beat up at the pub for being a Belmont Trevor goes to a town and finds a priest getting beat up, who he then saves. After saving them the priest asks him to look for their grandchild who got lost looking for a hero called “the sleeping soldier”

So yeah that’s the entire episode and it feels like nothing is going anywhere in this show so far, I assume we’re leading into something when Trevor goes looking for that hero but it just seems about the people’s suffering due to dracula.

It’s hard to really know what’s going to happen or what we are leading up to in this show and that concerns me a little.

As well as this while the visuals are beautiful I can’t say the same for the animation, the fight in the pub seemed really stilted and awkward to me too.

In these ways I found the episode lacking and would want improvement. The framing and choice of what happened in each scene was also strange to me.

The really extreme cuts were quite jarring to me and Trevor would just do stupid things like stand with his back to his opponent for  too long. And weird things happened like Trevor’s whip causing someones eye to fall out, and in the complete wrong direction no less. It is sort of concerning in that aspect.

Still theirs more episodes left so we’ll see then!

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