Misaki – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 9

One of the anime’s I watched this year was Welcome to the NHK which is actually a really great show. NHK is an abbreviation where the letters only match in Japanese meaning “Japanese Hikikomori Association” so essentially our main character Sato believes he’s in a mass conspiracy which makes him stay indoors for good.

It’s a really entertaining show that I recommend however I now want to talk about Misaki who essentially acts as Sato’s mentor. I also want to warn you that spoilers are incoming and that you should watch the show first before reading this.

Misaki acts as a mentor to Sato and essentially tries to cure him, but besides that theirs a whole mystery around Misaki which is sort of left in the dark and could be glossed over if you didn’t think about it.

It’s the reason why Misaki is helping Sato in the first place. Sure it was partly due to her religious flyers but she was trying to help Sato so much more than any sane normal person would do, especially after just waiting there all night for nothing to happen.

She is very interested in psychology and wants to help him a lot, which is nice and I honestly think Sato does get better because of it, well at the very least he goes out more.

But theirs a point where Misaki does reveal her motives and it’s a really sad and emotional moment that takes place. she reveals that she actually has problems just like Sato but just in different ways.

She has a strange feeling that everyone around her who she cares about meets tragedy and disaster and for a change she wants to help someone instead. Her live up to this point has been really difficult for her as well and that shocking twist is tragic but also special as well.

The confession gives them a chance to help each other even more and then go on further to help each other. It’s such a great moment in the show and real nice way to end it in my opinion.

Thank you for reading day 9 of the 12 days of anime Christmas! See you tomorrow for day 10!

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