Liar Game got Solved! – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 10

The ending of Liar Game might not be great however I’m glad the game ended like this. Essentially in the last game they reduce themselves to a stalemate where neither side can win.

This is when the employees start wondering just how long they’ll have to be there and start walking out causing the competition to end. It wasn’t a great ending because the final game wasn’t even a good game and didn’t have a lot of strategy around it, we sort of watched it happen without really thinking much about it.

The actual game of bid poker was a lot better in the end, this was the prequel game to decide what the teams would be and it had a lot of interesting strategy involved. They put bids on each player to get them onto their team of 4, but there would be three players left over who would have to leave and the idea was to not be one of those people and also have a good team.

Since there were three players who would be financially fine if they were to drop out of the game the whole game was trying to get those guys out, which was really entertaining.

It was everything after the game that sort of brought up some strange questions. Like the reason for the entire liar game existing was pretty awful for example. Basically there were two books that a really famous guy wrote a long time ago and he was executed before he wrote the third. So the Liar game re-created his books with real people and then planned the last game he made to see what would happen.

It was pretty lacking in my opinion and honestly there should have been a better reason. The entire thing was about trying to bring the company down since they were the same company that ran a pyramid scheme (or was that only in the live action version)

It also brings up some more questions. Like a lot of people were kicked out of the game however nobody knew what would happen to their debt. But people got kicked out permanently and they weren’t told about this? Alright I guess.

Where does the money go then? I guess film creators would have the budget to give out that much money but it seems pretty far to go to.

Oh well most of it ended nicely and I guess it wasn’t that much of a bad thing in the end.


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