Why I Love Gantz’s Manga – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 12!

Happy Christmas all of you! I hope that you’re having a lovely Christmas day!

Now let’s talk about Gantz’s manga because it’s great. Here’s why.

I like being able to read through manga insanely quickly. I don’t think we should be coming to manga for book reading. The art is the main appeal for me as well as the story, and I’m really hooked when I can keep reading very visual based stories.

A lot of chapters of Gantz I probably finished in like half a minute, which is good, I like that feeling of going through panels and chapters quickly, it makes me feel like it’s going somewhere.

It also helped that the combat in Gantz was insanely interesting. Instead of fighting normal bad guys (which tend to be humans) they were fighting a huge variety of weird alien men who were insanely difficult to beat but also very well designed.

It just made it even more interesting.

But there was a lot more there than just easy action that you could read through in a second. The development of the characters was also very interesting and they changed in very minor ways as the story unfolded.

Also there was enough real life stuff to keep it interesting at the same time. All the drama between the characters as they were fighting these guys was really entertaining which made me feel like there was a point to reading through it in the first place!

It sure isn’t a series for everybody. However it might be worth giving it a shot if this sounds like the kind of thing you want!

Thank you for reading the 12 days of anime Christmas day 12! It’s been a bit of a difficult challenge with me (mainly to do with coming up with ideas for it) but I got there in the end! I hope you enjoy your Christmas!

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