What are These Books I’ve Been Writing?

In the 2 years of anime blogging post I wrote yesterday I had some pretty vague targets in “Release all of “The Broken Tournament” and self-publish it, Release “The Stone of the Conqueror”, Finish writing “The Monks of Meres”” as targets for next year.

These are the books I’ve working on lately and they all tie in together in the same world at a similar point of time, talking about three different places in difficult times and how they’re scheming and plotting against each other in order to win.

None of the stories focus on the main conflicts however they all participate in it, impacting the wars in major ways without being aware of it.

“The broken tournament” is the first chronologically and is from the Sevren perspective.

“The stone of the conqueror” takes place at the same time as “The monks of Meres” and is from the Evren perspective.

“The monks of Meres” takes place slightly after the events of “The broken tournament” and features not kova, but an island which is a part of Kova. It’s the one directly south of the mountain range near the “K” in Kova.

While the individual characters have their own adventures, hopes, dreams, and goals their participation in the war is major.

“The Broken Tournament” starts before the war takes place and revolves around the “Kings Tournament” which will decide the next king of Sevren. The story of this book is about the characters trying to influence the outcome of this tournament to put the best king/queen possible on the throne.

“The Stone of the Conqueror” starts quite a way into the war and is about a stone which is said to bring victory to whoever has it. The problem is that it’s missing and a strange sorcerer is at large, having just handed in a fake stone. It’s up to our main characters to make sure the real stone gets in the correct hands.

“The Monks of Meres” is about a (basically) detective who visits place to place around his highly religious island, solving cases that come his way. But as he investigates he slowly learns too much and has to make a vital decision with the fate of the entire Island at stake.

So I have finished the first two stories up until the first draft and am just going through editing. And the remaining is still yet to be completed because it turns out to be taking a lot longer than predicted! Chapters for “the Monks of Meres” are insanely long, at least 5,000 words each so each plot event and story is a lot more thorough and in depth than I had initially thought!

For the record I intend to keep the mystery of the war for as long as possible. The fourth book should be about the end of the war leaving it’s start a mystery, though of course there will be more than enough clues for you to piece the mystery together.

A lot of the chapters for “The Broken Tournament” can be found on this blog starting here but editing is not finished yet – it’s close though!

So yeah for those who were wondering what I was even talking about in yesterdays post here you go! I hope this has piqued your interest in the story if you had no interest already and told you what I meant when I put that down as a target for next year!


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