Burning the Tents – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 22

If you’re new to this story you can catch up with the prelude here. Sorry for taking so long to update this, once you see how cringey this chapter is you might see why!

Anyway the story so far (because you probably need it): Our adventurers have got back from following some illegal cheaters at the kings Tournament. To prevent them from cheating, they are now plotting to burn their tents down to eliminate them out of the competition. In addition to that Maron and Rick fell in love at the end of the last chapter – that’s pretty important too.

Also if you notice any errors or thing to correct please let me know!

It was to my great relief that none of us had any matchups coming up soon. Rob and I had checked repeatedly in paranoia only to find that nothing was there. Rob had arrived back at the tent just a little before I did and was relieved to find Maron there. Yet both of us could share the disappointment that Maron’s struggles had left us nowhere. But at least our search hadn’t brought back nothing.


The cold day had been one of tension and worry but most importantly fear. Once we went ahead with our plan there would be no turning back. Even though we were doing the world a favour we would be hunted down and searched for by every guard in the tournament grounds.


I was worried about Maron after sending her ahead of me. She probably wasn’t in the best state of mind. What I hoped, at the very least, was that she had found her way back to the tent so I didn’t have to search the tournament grounds looking for her.


When I got back Rob had bought a container of liquid which would burn easily and quickly, it was the key to our success. But there were more things I was worried about than our method of arson.


There were three compartments to the tent, one for Maron, one for Rick and one bigger space for where I slept. I entered through my side and could hear strange noises. It sounded like Rick was breathing very hard and very badly, it can’t have been good for his health.


“Have you seen Maron Rick?” I asked, the heavy breathing stopped, “are you ok?” I asked, moving to open his side of the tent, as soon as I did Ricks hand shot out to stop me.


“No I’m ok don’t come in.” It was strange for him to stop me since we did this all the time but it was fine by me. “Have you seen Maron?” I asked.


“Ohhh yeah I’ve seen Maron! She’s looking after me.” He said, most likely with a wink but I couldn’t tell for sure because I couldn’t see him.


I had soon realised what the heavy breathing was and felt a little bit sick inside, “Tell her sex probably isn’t the best thing for your health right now” I said as I walked out going red, it really irritated me that right now Rick was doing something I couldn’t, and in a bedridden state at that. It’s not that I found Maron particularly attractive; it was more a jealousy of the idea instead of the person. But there was nothing I could do but try to feel happy for the two of them.




A few hours passed and it was time to burn the tent now that night had fallen. Rob carried the liquid while I carried a lighter, I hoped this didn’t mean I would be the one to use it. Maron seemed like a completely different person. Before she was worried about doing this plan but now she didn’t appear to have any problems with it, in fact she seemed happy and healthy. I guess Rick must have been better at it than I first thought!


The tent felt like ages away and we had to weave through in an indirect way before finding the dark path that took us right there. After making sure we had identified the right tent me and Maron watched in fear as Rob poured the liquid everywhere.


“So what’s going on with you and Rick?” I asked, as if I hadn’t worked it out already.


“Kil this isn’t really a good time.” She said clearly more panicked now that the actual deed was ahead of them “I love him.” She said simply, confirming what I thought. There was no way Rick was going to say no to her, I probably wouldn’t have said no to her myself at this stage of my life.


“What do you like about him?” I asked, I wasn’t going to try and break them apart but now I was just interested. What could she possibly love about this crippled, one eyed, skeleton thin monster?


“I told him everything, and he accepted me anyway.” She replied.


I wasn’t massively convinced with this answer, what had Maron possibly done wrong? I thought it better not to ask; maybe I’d ask Rick later. I was about to ask “If you told me everything and I accepted you would you fuck me too?” but it seemed quite insensitive and degrading, not to mention that it was too late. And anyway Rob was walking towards us with an empty container.


“All done”  He said as he walked closer “all you’ve got to do now is light it and then we can run away. Is anyone nearby?”


“No.” I said.


“Nope” Marron said, thinking about it her job was very easy, she probably didn’t even need to show up in the first place. Rob was going to hide back at our tent and Marron simply had to watch me set it on fire to check no one was around and then run away with me. But now that the liquid was there our task was suddenly very easy.


Rob had already left by the time I put the flint towards the liquid, while Maron stayed to make sure I was ok. I stroked the flint for about 30 seconds and then it was ablaze, it burned very quickly. And was already quite a way across the tent before I realised I had to run. Maron was waiting for me and we ran back together as silently as possible keeping our heads low and hidden from sight.


I pictured the worst case scenario of people walking around and seeing us but not a soul was out there but us.


If our assumption was wrong, we had just done a terrible thing, if we were right then we would have saved a lot of lives. There were too many pieces of evidence proving that we were correct though, we couldn’t possibly be wrong, it was too much of a coincidence.


With so much build up it was strange to think that we had gotten the job done so quickly. I thought about the people who would die from burning, or from inhaling smoke. If only there was a way to settle this peacefully. It only took us a minute to run back and Rob was already there.


“Good job guys” he said “I think we’ve gotten away with it. Nobody saw us and nobody could relate this to us in any way, we can breathe now.”

While Rob was initially a person I hated my opinion has changed dramatically. He was smart enough to point out the conspiracy in the first place, and had been organised throughout this whole thing, he was even able to get the only people he trusted on his side, but was it enough? Would this be the end of it, one simple stunt that would eliminate the competition, we’d have to find out later.


Even though I thought that no matter what I was doing the right thing it didn’t stop me from nervously trying to go to sleep, it was pretty awkward with Rob sleeping in the same compartment as me.


I started to hear a strange breathing from the compartment where Rick was staying in and sighed, how could they possibly think the two of us wouldn’t know? There was even a small gap right near to my head in the tent and I really wanted to look through, I couldn’t though because some things were probably better left unknown.


But of course my curiosity got the better of me and I took a quick look and it was about as bad as I had imagined. Considering that Rick had to lie down because of his health I was treated to a wonderful view. Maron looked better than I had realised and I felt like a fool for writing her off. But with this there was a very real threat of eye contact so I looked away.


It was a strange predicament to be in, and I needed to sort it out, because there was no possibility of going to sleep like this. I lied there for a couple of minutes pondering the least awkward ways of telling the couple that they might not be as quiet as they thought.

Thank you for reading chapter 22! What plans will our characters come up with next and how will the tournament committee react to the events of today? Find out in the next one!

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    1. I couldn’t have made it Rick because he wouldn’t burn the tents and there were reasons why it couldn’t be Maron. Like she would have 3 chapters in a row and I also wouldn’t want to write the part in-between where the last chapter ended and where the couple was by the time Kil arrived home.

      Anyway glad you found if amusing! Also this was a lot worse, fixed a couple of really bad things that were said/done/heard/seen in the edits!

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