What I Watched in December 2018 (Recommendations and Reviews for Anime and Manga)

I had a realisatoin after looking at my anime history this month -I’ve not watched any anime’s in the last two weeks!

So I might not have as much to talk about this time. That being said I did finish a lot of shows that I had been watching over the course of the year though so it’s not like I have nothing either!

Also if you want to see what I’ve been watching with my friends from University you can watch this podcast here I made! I’m the guy on the left if you’re wondering.

We talk about a lot of the shows I might talk about here in that!?

The Ancient Magus Bride

My first impressions of the ancient magus bride were completely correct. It was pretty awful throughout the entire show. The art style is awful and the colours are dull and faded making everything look uninteresting.

Elias and Chise are two of the most bland characters I’ve ever had to watch.

Nothing maters at all, it’s so bad at making you care about anything. It’s also very repetitive and boring by the end of it due to how similar every plot line is.

The rules of magic are inconsistent to say the least, especially with that dog guy and Chise dies as a cliffhanger to such a large amount of episodes, it means actually nothing.

I thought the arc at the end was the best thing to happen to the show but still it could have been a lot better.

Selector Infected WIXOSS

There was something about this show that just made me find it boring. The steaks and characters were never that interesting to me.

I did enjoy the plot twist which tends to be expected in these kinds of magical girl shows and I did think the show got better towards the end as more of the scenarios unfolded.

Amagi Brilliant Park

This is the last of the three shows we watched weekly at Uni (the top two were the first two shows) and I liked this by far the best.

Nothing else about the show to take away from it really mattered because it was funny and enjoyable. You don’t come to it for amazingly unique characters, messages and themes. It was just a funny show to pass the time by.

Each episode they tended to have new characters and new settings which they were able to make jokes from. It never dipped in quality and I always thought it was funny!

Saint Young Men

This show is about Jesus and Buddha living together as roommates. And that premise will either drive you away or make you very interested!

To be honest this anime was funny because of it’s premise and ideas. I found that the show was sort of carried on that because the rest wasn’t actually that funny to me.

I did however only watch the 2 episodes instead of the film so that might have been better. I’ll probably watch it for Christmas next year so I’ll tell you then!


I had already read Gantz but I enjoyed revisiting it for the anime. It had moments that I had completely forgotten about and stuff that made me realise that it definitely deserved to be called ecchi.

Theirs moments that are pretty messed up that I completely forgot was in the manga. Like I don’t remember a naked girl getting eaten out by a dog in the manga! – so maybe stick with that one if that sounds off-putting to you!

The appeal of Gantz is about the action and the character relationships as they have to face death. The interactions between them can be fascinating to me at the best of times and the action is really great.

I’d say it’s adaptation is worse than the original manga but it’s still a highly entertaining show for people who are fans of action.

Now it’s time to move on to the manga!


I’ve already written a post about this but I might as well talk about it again here since it’s the only manga I finished this month – manga is pretty long eh

Two mountaineers are dying on a mountain top during a blizzard and as one is dying from a server leg injury he confesses something that harms his rehabilitation to the real world.

Then once they find safety the man who confessed realised that he might actually be able to make it back ok, just not if the other also made it back.

Thus a game of trying to stay alive begins as one tries to kill the other as they’re trapped during a snow storm.

It’s seriously good I recommend it!


The best show I watched this month was Gantz and the best manga this month was Confession. So let’s look at the final end of year table!

January – Neon Genesis Evangeleon
February – A Silent Voice
March – Hajime No Ippo: New Challenger
April – Welcome to the NHK
May – Goshu The Cellist
June – Castle In The Sky
July – The Secret World of Arrietty
August – The Boy and The Beast
September – When Marnie Was There
October – Giovanni’s Island
November – Barefoot Gen
December – Gantz

January – Gantz
February –Uzumaki
March – Gyo
April – Kaiji One Poker
May – One Outs
June – Boku Girl
July – Kaiji 2.4 Billion Escape Arc
August – Love Riron
September – Gambling Emperor Legend Zero
October – Junji Ito
November – Strongest Man Kurosawa
December – Confession

22 thoughts on “What I Watched in December 2018 (Recommendations and Reviews for Anime and Manga)

  1. Wow, was neon genesis evangelion a whole year ago?

    I like how you both started and ended your year with Gantz.

    A face reveal! Hard to imagine you doing that a year ago. You were so adimant about keeping yourself private and apart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it’s been ages, I remember randomly deciding to start the series like nearly an exact year ago! It’s crazy how short and quick it’s been at the same time!

      Yeah that was quite funny to me too, I could have maybe tried to do the same with something evangelion however Confession was just really good! Anyway I just got done watching wolf children so I’ll probably replace Gantz from the list with that since I enjoyed it so much!

      Yeah I did a face reveal maybe half way into the year, maybe earlier. People were surprised I didn’t look like guts or something!

      Adamant and apart? I can definitely imagine myself being like that but it’s hard to imagine me being adamant about it and talking about it too! That’s pretty funny to me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know. Maybe it was just something you inferred or you said it to me in a comment and forgot.

        I kind of wish you were doing a series like Eva again this year. I’d definitely try to follow along if I could.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. hmmm have thought about doing that for Berserk 1997 one month but it’s a pretty big commitment and I’ve talked about the series so much already and I haven’t really found the show to talk about either (except for monster maybe but I don’t want a 70 episode show!)

          But hey if you have any suggestions for shows I’m happy to hear them!

          Also happy new year! The clock went past 12 for me like 45 mins ago!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You could keep the theme and watch the original Gundam. It’s like 40 episodes or something. The revolutionary Mecha show before Eva! Or we could do that next year and collaborate on it! 😁

            Happy new year to you too! I finally caught up an hour ago.

            Liked by 1 person

                    1. Yeah I’m with you. Theirs no harm in asking her I think. Also when do we plan on doing this collab? That’s a thing I’d normally ask on twitter but you don’t have it!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I’m not sure. I’d feel more comfortable having it pretty much finished before posting anything, just because I’m at the point in my life where school or work can take over at any moments notice. If that’s alright with you we could work on it at any time. I suppose the real question is when we’d release it.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Yeah that’s fair enough, since I’m in my hometown now I don’t have that but as soon as I go back that could happen to me too!

                      I guess we could wait until you get twitter to discuss what the project could actually be like. I’m imagining a thing where we watch the episode beforehand, talk about it, and then write a post about every other episode each. E.g someone does ep 11 and then the other does 12 and it carries on like that.

                      But yeah probably best to wait until then before starting it. Then we can talk about it more!

                      Liked by 1 person

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