Becoming Ippo

One day I was sat down at the computer desk or looking at my phone, likely as you are now. I was just browsing YouTube and getting myself distracted, sort of passing the time, when a video from the best guy ever popped up. Considering that this was indeed, the best guy ever, I naturally … Continue reading Becoming Ippo


Detective Pikachu – Simply A Good Time

I saw detective Pikachu today and it was pretty great! Pokemon is a series that I've grown up with for such a long time and it might just be one of my favourite game series' - until before the 3D model change, which was still ok, just not as good.  So honestly a lot of … Continue reading Detective Pikachu – Simply A Good Time

Goodnight Future Kings and Queens of Sevren – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 25

First of all, thank god this chapter is out of the way. If you want a primary explanation for why this book has taken so long to release, this chapter is it. You'll see what I mean later, and I'm still quite conflicted about it. Our story so far is that the group has decided … Continue reading Goodnight Future Kings and Queens of Sevren – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 25

The Final Solution – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 24

Oh no, the last one of these was posted in January! So sorry for being negligent towards this. Since the first draft is complete it feels already like a completed project - which is far from the case. We're quite a way into this book now, so I hope to get it out as quickly … Continue reading The Final Solution – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 24

Duolingo Review – It’s Pretty Great!

As you all know, I am avid anime watcher, and am generally quite interested in Japan, and the Japanese language. So naturally instead of using Duolingo for Japanese, I tried it with Chinese. Here are my thoughts. Duolingo is pretty great, because normally I would have given up by now, but I'm still at it. … Continue reading Duolingo Review – It’s Pretty Great!

Vampire Knight First Impressions

I recently realised how rare it was for me to watch anime that is different from what I'm used too. Vampire knight is a Shoujo romance story and comes with the art style associated. Then the character designs, and the way they're posed together gives the impression that it's going to be nothing but fujoshi … Continue reading Vampire Knight First Impressions