I Really Enjoyed Wolf Children

Yesterday I watched wolf children and loved it a lot. It was a really nice watch.

Now that I’ve finished this film it means I’ve seen every Mamorou Hosoda film that’s not part of a different franchise (so everything except the two digimon films and one piece movie 6) and I have to say I like Hosoda a lot, he’s a good director.

Wolf Children had really great backgrounds and art, some of it was so nice and pleasant to look at that it gave the film a really good atmosphere. Some of the locations were really interesting and so well mapped out that it just made the film so much better.

While the feeling of being slow paced has often hindered my enjoyment of films in the past I’ve been getting over that quite a lot lately. Being so laid back and easy gives this film a very relaxed feeling and calm and it makes it makes it feel realer to me.

Like I could say “It was so pointless when they were just growing potatoes because it didn’t mean anything and was pointless” which is something that I can understand people disliking but that’s obviously not the point of it being there in the first place.

I appreciate stuff like that because it was nice to watch and enjoyable. I liked how it was impossible at first due to the awful farmland only to have the villagers help them. It made the town Hana moved too full of community and it felt good to overcome!

Then there was that added worry that Yuki might have eaten all of the other people’s vegetables and what would happen if they ever found out!

I don’t think it ever really hurts to add more characterization in a kind of story like this. Being more attached can only really happen from spending time with the characters and this is the kind of film where that works. You’re supposed to really love Hana by the end of it, admire her ability to detach herself and work for the sake of the children and feel a mix of sad happiness at the ending.

The film to me is about family relationships and kids growing up, which resonates more with adults admittedly but I couldn’t help but resonate with Ame as he left thinking about in my life how I’m leaving everything behind to do other stuff as well much in the same way he is. And though it’s sad to leave it needs to be done.

The animation of the show also impressed me. I always found the shift between wolf and human particularly impressive for some reason as it’s just fun and nice to watch. How high energy Yuki is at the start is also fun and the energy at which the wolves can move around the room is just so entertaining to see.

I recommend it, watch the film!

Now out of the 5 Hosoda films I’ve seen what order do I rate them in? These are Wolf Children, The boy and the beast, the girl who leapt through time, Mirai and Summer Wars. I would list these now but I just had the idea to make a top 5 Mamorou Hosoda films post. I guess I gotta watch that one piece and digimon film now! See you for that post coming soon!

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