Top 12 Manga I read in 2018!

It’s time for the annual posts talking about the top 12 manga I read in 2018! Reading manga is quite a struggle for me and last year it wasn’t even possible to make this list since I probably didn’t even read 12 manga’s in that year! But now that I have it’s time to talk about which ones were the best.

This isn’t talking about which ones came out in 2018, but the ones that I read in 2018!

12 – Love Riron

Love Riron was about the life of a guy as he meets a ghost of love who tries to help him get a girlfriend. It’s quite funny and I like the characters involved in the story.

It ends up being quite emotional and sincere which I really like despite how ecchi and weird it is at the start.

I definitely couldn’t recommend it over something like skill of lure but if you’re interested then it can be a fun read! Though it got pretty bad in the middle in my opinion – was worth finishing in the end.

11 – Junji Ito

For October I just put “Junji Ito” for what I read because I read a lot of one shots from him and didn’t want to put just one.

But the Junji Ito stories are really great and the one shots are worth reading because they play out in really interesting ways.

The art is so distinctive as well that the stuff he creates makes for really good horror.

10 – Gambling Emperor Legend Zero

This manga was in one of my favourite genres and was entertaining to read. The reason why it’s much lower than any other manga on this list is that a lot of the games are very specific to Japanese and play on the rules of the language, either that or they are so cryptic that it’s impossible to stratagise at all.

It can often feel like we’re just watching Zero figure something out instead of participating as well and that’s quite frustrating to me as I enjoy reading with that in mind.

9 – Gyo

This was a creepy Junji Ito manga about shark robot things taking over the world. Some of the designs and panels are very spooky and the plot twists are pretty insane.

Ito has a gift of illustrating things to look incredibly disturbing, and while I don’t find his work scary, maybe I just might if I put very loud scary music on in the background!

8 -Confession

I really enjoyed confession however the sad thing about it was that it was very short and not a lot happened. I really loved the idea and found it very entertaining to read but it just doesn’t hold up in comparison to others.

It was about a guy who confesses something to a friend thinking that he’ll die only to find that he really does survive. But the fact that the friend now knows this means that his connection to society is jeopardized and thus a murder plot tries to unfold within the same house.

7 – Strongest Man Kurosawa

The opening chapters of this story really do the rest of the series a disservice in my opinion. It starts about Kurosawa and how he tries and fails to connect to the people around him. He’s 44 and has no friends and no family and it’s really sad honestly. It’s pretty crushing to read at first.

But slowly he builds up to be someone great by fighting, well, middle-schoolers.

It is more than that though. I really appreciate the changes of Kurosawa as the manga goes on and find enjoyment from it because of a lot more than the fighting.

This is a series made by Fukumoto however it doesn’t actually feel like Fukumoto writing very much because the content discussed is much different from the typical gambling he writes about.

6 – Kaiji – One Poker Hen

This year saw the end of the brilliant One Poker arc of Kaiji and it was really entertaining. One poker is a game of poker where each player has two cards and they have to play one of them each turn. But the player can see how good the other players card’s are specifically whether they are between 7 and 2 or 8 and ace. This is crucial to the strategy and makes the game so entertaining.

It is the biggest gamble that Kaiji ever goes on and it’s great. I like the strategy and the son of Hyoudou Kazuya makes a really good opponent!

Also if you don’t want spoilers to how this arc ends don’t even read so much as the title of the next part of kaiji because even that spoils it!

5 – Gantz

Gantz is just a real joy to read. It’s panels are quick and it’s art is lovely. It’s got very good drama and rarely suffers from something that I hate: too much writing. You can read Gantz very quickly and I recommend you do.

As well as the action I really like the drama of it at all parts outside of the game. It really feels like these characters have very human thoughts and emotions and the drama is compelling and has a really good reason to be there.

Essentially everyone in Gantz has died and to be brought back to life they need to get 100 point by killing these super aliens. It’s pretty cool.

4 – Boku Girl

This is a very different choice from all the others because of just how different it is.

Boku girl is about a boy who turns into a girl and is just told to live with it by a god.

Yeah the premise is pretty whacky to start with but you eventually come to really love the characters and find the drama so entertaining to see.

Theirs a love triangle and a lot of other drama that is interesting to see, as the characters start questioning everything they thought they knew about themselves.

3 – One Outs

The one outs manga added so much more to what I first expected. It was a really great show however I thought “I don’t want to just see more of the same” – it’s not. In fact the way the manga continues is seriously different in a very cool way.

The main character looks at three different players and chooses them to add to his contract. But the problem is that they’re rubbish. Tokouchi has to unlock their very real potential that is lying dormant just so he can use them effectively.

(spoilers incoming)

This ends up doing so well for him that he earns enough from his contract just to buy the whole team, and it ends up being a plot of schemes in order  to prevent the other rival baseball league from taking over. It’s good stuff. As well as that Tokouchi reforms the entire team and it’s so interesting to see the differences with him in charge.

It’s very good, I recommend it a lot!

2 – Kaiji part 6

See how I got around using spoilers there!(except for the featured image added after) Well knowing theirs even a part 6 in the first place spoils a lot but still. This arc is called 2.4 billion yen escape where the characters have to do what it sounds like – and escape with 2.4 billion yen in their possession.

This involves car chases, hiding, sneaking around and communicating to avoid detection. It’s so entertaining the stuff that they need to do just to succeed. It’s a really great read so far.

It isn’t actually finished yet but it gets to go here anyway!

1 – Uzumaki

Yes this creepy Junji Ito manga gets the best manga that I read last year! It’s really wonderful in just how spooky it is.

You start off with characters in the village being obsessed with a spiral, the shape of it. And different characters react in different ways to it and they’re all creepy in an excellent Junji ito kind of way!

The situation keeps on getting worse and worse as the characters try and understand just what’s going on and how to stop it.

It’s great just for how creepy it was!

And there you go! That was my top ten manga I read in 2018! Let’s hope I can keep up this pace and read at least one manga a month next year too!

9 thoughts on “Top 12 Manga I read in 2018!

    1. The gantz anime was alright imo but the manga had the advantage that the action was so quick to read and the art style was so entertaining.

      There was a lot of weird stuff in the anime that I completely missed or forgot about in the manga, stuff that I was sure I would have remembered if it was there!

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  1. Damn, I want to read Uzumaki so badly, but I’m also a natural coward… Tell me, does it involve any supernatural beings or returning dead at all? If it’s just about paranormal spirals…I wonder if I can give it a go.

    Also, I’m well into Liar’s Game now (ch. 167) thanks to you! I read manga at a dreadfully slow pace, but I’m really loving it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The way the spiral changes people’s minds could be considered supernatural however those humans themselves aren’t supernatural, they’re just effected by this weird spiral thing. But just read it anyway, if you want to read it then you’ll enjoy it. Manga isn’t very scary to me because you control the pace of it and theirs no audio involved. You’re more likely to find it weird and disturbing than scary.

      Yay I’m glad you’re reading it! The game after the one your reading is really good imo if you don’t like the current one you’re on! Which has been the best game so far for you? For me it was musical chairs!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Wait really? I was so lost and confused thorough all of the smuggling game and I was like what’s going on? I’m glad you liked it though!

          Yeah I think you’d be surprised by how unscary it is for how much people praise Junji Ito for horror.

          Liked by 1 person

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