PSA: Don’t Watch “Now You See Me”

After watching all of this film yesterday I feel like I need to make sure that nobody else does that same thing again.

The first half hour of the film is good but once they explain the first big trick that’s where you should stop watching. Because of after that it turns into a huge mess.

The film does not respect you as a mystery film. The way mysteries work best in my opinion is that you’re given enough hints so that once it’s revealed you could see how you could have worked it out but it’s cryptic enough that it still kept you guessing despite the hints.

Now you see me is not like that. The number of hints you get is zero, you’re left guessing for the rest of the film until everything’s explained all at once, and when it is explained it is very unsatisfying. The whole film is laughing at you as you watch basically.

The best part of the film are the 4 magicians who are the villains but I couldn’t help but root for them. They were just so cool and I would much rather follow their story than anyone else’s.

Then you have the plot twist in the end which is when the main character who is an agent reveals that he’s the 5th horseman. This completely breaks his character and he turns into a guy that is actually smart for once.

This is such a bad plot twist because it fundamentally changes a character to a point that theirs no way you could have predicted it. The character just changes personality in every possible way.

So yeah theirs no clues and a very poor resolution to the plot, which makes it feel like the whole films just laughing at you, and this is made further by the guy who just hangs around laughing at the main character because he doesn’t know what’s going on while giving no help what so ever.

They say that “you need to look outwards instead of closer or something like that” but even so it’s such a bullshit twist that even if you called it theirs no way you’d actually believe it.

Anyway there you go. Don’t watch it. You’re welcome.


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