The Stone In The River – The Stone of The Conqueror – Chapter 1

The famous trinket of Evren’s rich, entitled prince was lost, and all of royalty was hell bent on retrieving it. Bards sang of the economic prosperity it brought as well as the victories it would bring to those who possessed it on the battle field. The importance of the artifact could not be understated, and even if the powers it held were false, it could not be denied that without it the common people would suffer.

As a consequence of this a large bounty had been placed on its head on top of a large collection of lands which was bound to bring riches for many years to come. The people wanted Evren to prosper as well as provide for their families’ futures, so it was in most people’s best interest to return it if it was found.

The artifact was the stone of the conqueror, it was a shining white stone blessed by the ancient god Nova. Long ago Robert the destroyer invaded Evren using the powers of the stone despite coming from the tiny island of Ippal. It was the invasion that proved the legitimate power of the stone and was the thing that made it so sought after.

For the first couple of months the whole kingdom was in search of it, leaving their towns in groups trying to find it. Knights were often seen on horseback travelling from place to place, interrogating and searching. It was the paranoid view of the nation that a criminal group might have stolen it. As a consequence these groups were hunted down and destroyed, very few still remained.

After that everyone forgot about it. The stone was lost and everyone was forced to return to their homes. For a lot of them it was just a dream that they woke up from. I was one of the last who still believed it could be found.


The Skress was one of the minor rivers running from the colossal lake Charlon. It was there that I found the shining stone wedged behind a larger stone and surrounded by a lot of smaller ones. I picked it up in disbelief, unable to celebrate, not yet, and I put it away. It was true that it shone brilliantly, it was a fantastic artifact.

All that was left was to return it and claim my fortune. I emptied out my bag to have a look at the supplies I had left: A flint and steel, several water skins, a rusty old knife, an old bent fishing rod, bait, 3 cooked fish, a threadbare blanket and the original wanted poster for the stone. It was not a lot but it would have to do. I would spend the day catching and cooking as much fish as possible for the road ahead. It wasn’t a particularly long trip to Ipalés (The capital city of Evren) however it was uphill and in a scorching heat which would make the trip a long and tiresome week, though compared to 4 months of searching the trip would be heaven.

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