The New Plan – The Stone Of The Conqueror – Chapter 5

To cut a long story short Brian and I had decided to visit the magician’s house with an elaborate plan to get him to reveal that he had faked the stone. We had forged a fake letter from the king, dressed up as couriers and rented horses. This would hopefully cause the magician to go to the capital explaining himself for no reason, causing the king to suspect him at the very least, but hopefully throwing him out and realising the treachery.

Travelling to the home of the magician would not be an easy task since it was in another county. In Evren the counties were huge since there were only 6 of them: Centremarsh, Middlemarsh, Southernmarsh, Lakering, Renal and Edgeland.

We were currently in Renal, the biggest part of Evren and had to travel north to Edgeland which is where the magicians land was. This meant crossing and using the greenpath.

There was only one route out of Evren by land, and that was through a narrow mountain crossing. It was a difficult route but necessary. The passageway led to Kova, one of the three superpower countries which meant that in normal conditions it was already busy, but it was not normal conditions as Brian had told me.

Roughly around the time the stone went missing the king of Sevren had started his invasion of Kova, with plans to take over the land and make Kova part of Sevren. Without the stone Evren wanted to remain neutral and hoped that it would all work out, in fact this didn’t happen. The Sevren invasion was continuing stronger than ever and had reached Korona where it was under siege.

It was in Evren’s best interest to not let Sevren got too powerful so they joined the war effort the moment they had got the fake stone back. This meant the greenpath was very busy with soldiers.

For us, encountering soldiers shouldn’t have been a problem however we didn’t want to risk it. If you encountered soldiers you weren’t allowed to run away, and (if they asked) you had to give them your supplies and horses as the war was more urgent and it was your duty to do it for your country.

In fact Brian’s other sons had left on this war and it was the main reason for the lack of energy in Ipalés.

It was also news to me that the king had died and they had selected him using a martial arts tournament where they fought against each other in many fist fights, and it was public to everyone who had citizenship. The sheer volume of contestants was apparently a huge problem and there was just as much fighting in the arena as out of it. In hindsight it was to be expected.

Brian said they had contemplated ending the tournament but wasn’t sure how they solved the problems in the end.

In this manner, fearful of crossing the greenpath we travelled onwards, far from the safety of Ipalés, all in an attempt to expose a terrible and evil magician, whose name we didn’t even know.

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