Greenpath – The Stone of The Conqueror – Chapter 6

The plains of Renal were a lovely rich green and the air was pleasant if not a little humid. The sun shone bright yet the thick clouds blocked it making it feel hot but not unbearable. This was made clear in the rare times where the sun shone through an empty gap in the sky. There was tall grass and lovely flowers which lit up.

Our route from Ipalés was mostly downhill since it was on a mountain and I slowly remembered what the real world was like. The environment was so much different on the mountain top, since the incline was so gradual it was difficult to tell how misty it got as you reached the top.

It was fun, and we almost forgot the terror that we might be riding to. It was unusual using a horse however we soon got used to it. The path down Ipalés that horse and carts used wasn’t allowed or even discoverable by normal people, so we had to drag our horses downhill on paths unsuitable for them. Once that was cleared we were fine.

As we were getting close to the first strip of the greenpath we heard a lion’s roar from the sky: thunder, and I realised how bad a mistake we had made. Even upon entering Ipalés I could see that the clouds were dark, well these clouds had stayed dark and now they were releasing rain in a thunder storm.

“This is shit!” I shouted to Brian.

“I remember a map with a village near here” he shouted back for he needed to so he could be heard over the loud thrashings of rain. “We follow this path and take the first right we see!”

We raced down the path, which was becoming increasingly muddy. Most of greenpath was made of stone. 20 minutes later we found that right turn and 15 minutes after that we found the village, which was Tolkenhall, right on greenpath.

We rushed to drop our horses off at a stable, paying a very expensive price, and then ran to the inn and bought a room for two where we dried off and relaxed. It was getting late anyway and we were content to rest here for the night. Getting there took a surprisingly long time because of trekking down the mountain.

It was now too dangerous to travel off road as intended because our horses would sink in the mud. We planned to simply cross the path and continue, reconnecting with a second branch of the path (the path we turned onto when we turned right) later and crossing that as well. Instead we would have to take the stone path all the way, increasing the risks of travel.

We sat and talked for a long time before receiving a knock and the owner came in.

“I’m here to give you your money back, and to move you somewhere else.” He said.

“Why are you moving us?” Brian asked.

“We’re making room for the Evren army.” The owner answered.

Brian quickly started packing everything away, only later realising the urgency of the situation I packed to leave.

When we left we passed through at least 30 people in full army gear, they all tried to fit in the room we were staying in. As we walked through it was clear to see that every room was packed to the brim of soldiers, every room was full of them. Even when we left there were still crowds of them outside. It was clear there wouldn’t be enough room for us.

Then we saw our horses roaming around panicking. So they’d been set free. We went to the stables to get a refund and contemplated there what we were going to do. There was no village nearby on greenpath like there was here in Tolkenhall.

We ended up on deciding to wait in the stables, and either sleep there if the rain didn’t stop or continue if the rain seemed to go down a little. The rain went down a little so we set off.

Greenpath was miserable, I hated it. The path was muddy and the rain fell menacingly. And men from the army would travel along it just to kick you out of your room.

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