I Was Always There To Catch You – The Stone of The Conqueror – Epilogue

I threw it with my eyes closed and then the two of them were gone. Both James and Darlon were away from the window and all I could do was hope beyond hope that the stone I threw was the correct one.

“James!” I shouted.

“Brian!” I heard in response. It was James’ voice “Was that you?”

“YEAH!” I shouted enthusiastically, running into the house.

While James kept a secure hold of the stone, I lifted him out. The maid must have noticed a disturbance but we didn’t see her. The corpse was left behind.


“I was always there to catch you” I said to him “I was watching.”

“I know” James said as he passed out.


James was a strange person, but incredibly brave and I secretly thanked him for giving an old man his last adventure. Through it all I had made a lifelong friend.


“Time to hand in the stone.” I said to James, hoping it would bring a smile to his face. Instead he was just conflicted. We were both murderers but our actions were for the greater good.

“Not yet” James said to me, “It will look suspicious if we hand it in as soon as the stone’s vanished for the second time.”

Once again James was correct. We would spend months as peasants before gaining the money to join the nobility. But we could both agree, as we rode down the greenpath on a beautiful sunny day, that we were never stepping a foot in that mansion ever again.

5 thoughts on “I Was Always There To Catch You – The Stone of The Conqueror – Epilogue

        1. hahaha I had never thought about that! It seems strange to me but it could work, visuals can make stories more immersive and paint a more vivid scene.

          I do however like a lot of audience interpretation in that regard. For example all my characters are race-less and not described in great detail so the reader can imagine things how they’d like to.

          So I guess theirs positive and negatives of both.

          Thank you very much! Also sorry for the late reply, I’ve had 9-5’s every day this week (for the first time ever) so it’s been really draining.


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