The Smash Bros GSP system is stupid

Why is it that the people I fight at 500,000 gsp are far harder than the people who put me to 500,000 in the first place. GSP is  broken system that is radically stupid.

Let’s look at Lucina who is a Marth clone and the two characters have a major difference in gsp. One’s like 3,5000 and the other’s 200,000 despite me playing them in the exact same way since they are essentially the same character.

I blame the rematch system because it’s the way I play. I’ll rematch someone until I can beat them (or they quit) and that gets me insanely low. These players who tend to rematch a lot tend to be the best therefore they have lower gsp from replaying people who are better than them. But it takes too much of your gsp away.

If you have 500,000 and you lose to someone with 3,000,000 where the opponent had 1 stock left and 90% damage you shouldn’t lose it, you should gain it because many of the 2,500,000 people above you wouldn’t have been able to do that.

So yeah the problem to me seems to be that theirs a level of good at the lower levels and what I start off of normally is a lot easier (2,200,000 ish at default)

It’s so strange that I fight people who are way better even though it’s a lower gsp – it matches me up with people who are much better – or worse I just end up three stocking people who actually belong in that tier.

So yeah please fix it smash ultimate – you don’t need to drop by 100,000 points or more (I’ve dropped by a whole million before) when you lose one game because it doesn’t make match making fair and more fun in general for everyone.



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