There Is An Animal Crossing Movie!

As soon as I heard that this was a film I just had to go and watch it. Animal crossing is a video game series I’ve spent a lot of time with, on both wild world and new leaf and I enjoy it a lot!

First of all I’m going to say that this is a very true adaptation, the most true possible in a game with no story and no order that you could possibly do things. The film references everything from all of the stores to the UFO presumably in the one game I never played!

It’s a very innocent slice of life story that is just very pleasant to watch. I recognized nearly all of the villagers and the ones I didn’t I liked a lot. I don’t have any particular memories of any of them so I couldn’t complain that they missed things out.

Obviously this was made before new leaf so that means it doesn’t have Isabel or any of the new stuff but it has enough of the old stuff that I recognize everything.

The point of the film is about Ai moving into animal village and then settling in. She struggles a little bit but ultimately finds herself in a really nice place with a lot of nice friends. Some of the villagers are so funny as well. I’m now thinking of the time where the monkey villager ran head first through snow while exercising.

While it did feel a little bit over the top with how they forced everything in I felt like it all had a point and was interesting. They go to all of the various locations in the city and explore things there.

I cannot understate how amazing it is to see tonnes of characters you love just going about their business. It really makes the world interesting and damn I want to play animal crossing!

I left my 3ds version at home so I’ll get it back when I return!

To be honest I can only recommend this if you really like animal crossing. Seeing all of the characters and locations and events coming to life really adds to the appeal of this show and makes you just really love the world. It’s very easy to imagine your own animal crossing village here just with different villagers since they don’t show a map and the rest contains the usual animal crossing aesthetic.

However if you don’t play animal crossing then I’d still recommend it to you if you like slice of life shows since the world of animal crossing is of course very interesting and can be entertaining to watch without playing the game!


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