Watch The IT Crowd!

You best put seat belts on your eyes reader, because I'm about to take them for the ride of their lives! The IT crowd is likely the TV show most catered to me imaginable. It's a comedy series about four (though mainly three) people working in an IT department and it's brilliant. My goal in … Continue reading Watch The IT Crowd!

The Wildhunt – Chapter 2

The old Koka was dead, and all knew the name "Ivette" yet the music stayed the same. I don't remember how it happened, or when it happened, but slowly over time. The music of Ivette was replaced, gradually and slowly, until all that was left was the remains of the old Koka, and nobody had … Continue reading The Wildhunt – Chapter 2

The Wildhunt – Chapter 1 – The Old Koka

The lute is all that matters. Not the sickle, the rake, or the hammer. People live their lives, hoping to one day follow their dream. To me, there is no dream. Just life. My life is the dream. And if my dream dies, so does my life. I sat at the very back of the … Continue reading The Wildhunt – Chapter 1 – The Old Koka

The Wildhunt – Prologue

Every bard is loved and sought after in their home town, but not me. And it's all my fault. Despite the rules, teachings, and social classes I couldn't fight the truth in my heart, that I loved her. And neither could she. She was the daughter of the Lord of Fainley. And I was the … Continue reading The Wildhunt – Prologue

I Won Madoka Magica Playing Cards!

Today I did an anime quiz with the anime society at my university, where I performed brilliantly and won a prize! I came third, but considering the person who came second didn't know who Son Goku was, or recognise him from his picture I'm not so sure whether or not I should be celebrating. "How … Continue reading I Won Madoka Magica Playing Cards!

Liar Game: Reborn Review – Musical Chairs!

The perspective I'm reviewing this from is someone that has read the manga, found that the musical chairs arc was their favourite, and jumped ahead past halfway through season 2 just to watch this. This meant that I knew a lot of the twists and turns already. At the start of musical chairs everyone is … Continue reading Liar Game: Reborn Review – Musical Chairs!