New Laptop Today! – What Baggage you should immediately remove from Windows 10

Since it was my birthday on Friday I of course got my birthday present today, which there is ten minutes left of, but the reasons why that is the case will become more clear.

The laptop is a windows 10 gaming laptop which I bought with the philosophy “if it can play monster hunter world, then it’s alright” even though I plan to use it on a lot of other things. So basically I now have the cheapest gaming laptop that can still run all the new stuff! (and doesn’t have 128GB HDD – What a joke!…)

So I thought what I’d do is talk about setting up and working with windows 10, and how to make it not completely awful – and things that you should do immediately when you get a new laptop. This will also hopefully help people who didn’t do these things already to do them too!

  1. Say no to all the data mining and spyware that windows 10 tries to give you as soon as you press the power button. If you don’t remember this then windows 10 is taking all of your data without you knowing! Some don’t think that’s a bad thing but it’s not something I’d like to happen to me. If I want them to have my data they have to pay me for it!
  2. Uninstall McAffee (and everything else that’s really dumb). Just get rid of it, new laptops these days come with tonnes of awful things that are paid to be on there and are frankly subpar to other free products. Get malware bytes, they’re very good and seem to have good updates. I had a virus once that was like 3 days old and they managed to get an update out by then to fix it! But you can’t remove everything sadly, one day I will have my revenge groove music!
  3. Replace edge with something else, unless you like edge, in which case don’t. Google is what everyone is using and with that comes extensions, some of which are pretty essential. Definitely get adblock and pop up blocker (for all those pirate anime sites you frequent) as well as tampermonkey (it’s the extension that gives you the old YouTube back because you will soon learn – YouTube removed the way to easily do it in 14 seconds!) If you like anime, like me, get the html5 player for CR – it means you don’t have to buy an account because it blocks all the ads! And plays in 1080p! Then if you, like me, judge google as the lesser of all the evils you could get the duck duck go search engine extension, though I’m not actually sure how effective that is.
  4. Don’t get rid of your old laptop! Instead of that, why not connect your laptop as an extra dual screen? You just need to make it discover-able, then click duplicate after pressing f4, and connect – also change the place where sound is coming out of and the orientation of the screens if you’re me!
  5. Cry that you actually have to pay for microsoft word because you lost your old product key millennia ago! Luckily if your a student like me (in the UK at least) you can get office 365 for free, but that is still, only a temporary solution… for four years or something.
  6. Try your best to fix all the dumb stuff, you won’t have time to do it in one day, but as issues crop up you’ll have a perfectly working laptop! (assuming you know how to google)

There you go! That’s some tips!

My actual thoughts on my laptop are that it’s great. It can stream 4k videos as if it’s nothing, has a great screen, and can play all the games I want! Yeah so as long as it doesn’t break in three weeks I’m good…

My laptop looks identical to this one except that it doesn’t have that awful piss green keyboard – yuck!



6 thoughts on “New Laptop Today! – What Baggage you should immediately remove from Windows 10

  1. Congrats on the new laptop!

    Good advice, too!

    May I offer two observations?

    Malwarebytes is a great choice! I use the enterprise version where I work. Keep in mind it only catches malware, though. Yeah, it catches many viruses, but it’s not primarily an AV solution.

    That being said, I gotta agree with you about McAfee! I’d suggest pairing Malwarebytes with Panda or Trend (with Trend being my favorite).

    Second, regarding MS Word, have you tried either Libre Office or Google Docs? The former works really well if you need a full-featured word processor, and the latter’s great if you just need solid, basic word processing. I use all three, and to tell you the truth, I’d prefer never to have to use Word again.

    It actually hurts my stomach!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah nice, I’ll look into Trend. If it’s something as easy as downloading it then theirs no reason not too!

      I’ve only tried google docs. But if libre office is free (and good) then I would rather have that instead of getting a new office 365 every year.

      Thanks a lot for the tips! I’ll have a look right now!


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