Planetes is The Anime of The Future

There is an anime that sums up what I want the near future to be like, and it’s called Planetes.

The five word summary of this show would be “slice of life in space” and that’s a really great thing.

I really like the idea of going into space and colonising absolutely every planet out there so that the human race becomes more sustainable, increases technology rapidly, and the population can increase at a greater rate.

In order for this to happen we’re going to need a hell of a lot of people, and these people might not necessarily be the noble, chivalrous, diligent, motivated and hard working people that many tend to imagine when they think of space exploration.

This is when Planetes comes in. The idea of the show is that it follows a small crew of space-debris collectors and shows their daily lives – with quite a lot of excitement thrown in!

These people are called half-section and they live their lives on the ISPV 7 space station which surrounds the planet in a low Earth orbit.

But the thing that makes it interesting to me is that the characters are not very committed to their jobs, in fact theirs nearly always something different they’re worrying about. The fact that they spend so much time not caring about space and their jobs is why its so entertaining because it’s what I want the future to be.

I really love the idea of a society that can ship layabouts to space and not fire them when they do nothing but mess around all day. It shows a real feat in space technology.

Realistically the work office of space in the future shouldn’t be much different from the offices of earth, so that’s what I love to see.

The issues of the show tend to be more interesting, like collecting huge space debris and etc but there is still a general feeling of a lazy workplace that still remains, which I love a lot!

I have not finished it, because I’m watching 2 episodes weekly with friends at my anime society, but I can genuinely say that I’m loving what I’m seeing so far.

We have a colourful cast of characters as well as great situations and drama to entertain yourself with.

I wouldn’t say it’s particularly better than the average slice of life show. But I think theirs something to be appreciated about the fact that it’s very adult-focused (not because it’s porn but because it’s got adults in it and deals with their issues as opposed to the issues of high school girls for the millionth time) and also in space. If either of these two things interest you I couldn’t recommend Planetes enough!



5 thoughts on “Planetes is The Anime of The Future

      1. What your Tanabe??????? Seems about right!

        Seriously though, yeah that’s really cool! Don’t remember what I said about hachi but i’ll check later


  1. This is definitely series I’ve been wanting to check out for a long long time oh my god 🙂 this only reminds me to finally get around too it. Would be great to try find the collection set for it would be even better 🙂

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    1. Yeah should be easy enough, people I know have the blu-rays for it and I don’t think the price is too bad. I hope you like it when you do get around to it! I’ve heard it gets more eventful later, and starts with nice slice of life to get you liking the characters.

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