Liar Game Korean Version – Thoughts on Episode 1

Read the manga, then read this.

Yes we’re starting down this route again! For those who where wondering what happened to the last series, where I reviewed the Japanese adaption of liar game, I literally just got bored and stopped watching. Here’s hoping that this doesn’t happen here!

Unlike the Japanese liar game the Korean game came across as trying to be more of it’s own thing, which was quite a welcome change since I didn’t want to watch through the same thing, and in fact the same thing would be pretty awful when brought to real life in my opinion!

What I particularly like is the game show element, how the characters know they’re being filmed and how they use the main character (who isn’t called Kanzaki Nao this time) to get more views.

Honestly I think every adaptation should have skipped the opening part of the story because it just isn’t the same. In the first volume of liar game we see Nao’s perspective and sheer terror at the prospect of getting her money back and it’s just not sold to me in the same way.

But more on that if I decide to watch this regularly, since we didn’t even reach that part of the manga yet, the episode ended with her money being stolen.

Generally I had a strong feeling of interest towards the series, which is pretty good but I think that the way the main character joined the game was not done well at all.

The main reason is that she more or less made a conscious choice to join the game, instead of being forced into it. Overall it just makes the character less believable to me. They can change the character but if they change one random thing whilst keeping most the same then it just feels wrong.

As well as that I have a massive problem with how badly the characters trick people in both these adaptations. Don’t get me wrong, Nao (Or whatever her name is in the Korean version) is pretty dumb when it comes to this kind of thing, but that doesn’t mean the opponents are! The enemies in liar game are much better at it than depicted in all of this.

Sure you can use the knowledge that it’s a story to know that it won’t go that smoothly however if you take yourself out of that picture you do see it as a believable thing to happen, though of course you’d be suspicious.

When the villains are so cartoonishly evil it really takes you out of it! Like don’t make it so obvious, please! It’s like they’re not even trying to surprise us.

The way the teacher was introduced at the start was really great to me. He went on a speech about lying and how so many people lie. He then asked them questions and used a clicker to keep track of how many people he saw who he thought was lying. Then after that he got arrested for murder. It was pretty cool. And I hope he’ll show up again! I think he might have been Akiyama but I’m still not sure.

Anyway it was really cool to see this story brought to a new medium and interpreted in a different way! I’m unlikely to continue talking about this episode by episode but I do see myself finishing this… eventually.


10 thoughts on “Liar Game Korean Version – Thoughts on Episode 1

    1. Thank you!

      Oh yeah that ending was so weird! Which sort of explains why this episode was the way it was!

      Thanks for finishing it on my recommendation! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

      Which arc was your favourite?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. haha that’s the one that I completely lost track of and didn’t understand anything! I think I’d enjoy it if I didn’t lose track of who was north and south country and etc.


    1. Yeah! TBH the differences is what will make this interesting to me. I hope it covers a lot of the manga!

      I think it was you who told me about the liar game musical chairs film. Now that I have a site for drama’s I’ll probably watch that next since I’m sure it’s on there!

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        1. Yeah, was my favourite arc in the manga, so hopefully I’ll like it a lot! But knowing the previous record of the Japanese version… all I can really do is hope that I don’t get mad with all the awful changes!

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