I Won Madoka Magica Playing Cards!

Today I did an anime quiz with the anime society at my university, where I performed brilliantly and won a prize!

I came third, but considering the person who came second didn’t know who Son Goku was, or recognise him from his picture I’m not so sure whether or not I should be celebrating.

“How did you not know he was son goku!?”
“I didn’t know goku had a son!”

Anyway within this prize, are really cool cards!

Using my thumb to conceal the indent which was caused by the anime society carrying this around with them for a whole year


At first I was like “why are there only aces?” but then I was like “Oh I am a silly goose”

Here are all the cards


These playing cards have the girls as diamonds and hearts and villains as the rest




I hope you like the look of them!

But let’s get to the real heart of the matter: how do they look during solitaire?

Well I’m glad you asked!


Well would you look at that! For the first time EVER in playing this game, all four aces are out already! I thought, these cards must truly be magical, however things took a turn for the worse.

I fought valiantly, patently looking over and over the cards, but the ones I needed just weren’t coming.

Eventually the sad and quick game came to a grinding halt when I couldn’t get a 2 of spades, a black 7, or a black 9.

So thus I leave you with this


If you can solve this twisted solitaire puzzle then I will make a post about anything you want, and also love you forever.

The piles in the 2×2 grid on the second image and to the right are where my aces are, and the cards I’ve piled on those aces. Then the one on the bottom left is the cards that are still in my hand.

The order of cards from left to right is:

6 of diamonds – 5 cards underneath it

king of clubs

8 of diamonds – 2 cards underneath

10 of hearts – 2 cards underneath (not including the jack of spades)

7 of hearts

8 of hearts

3 of spades

Please recreate this with your own pack! I really don’t want to loose my first game of solitaire! I will put them back in this exact order if you have a solution for me, that unlocks cards. Obviously I don’t expect you to be a psycic and know what the cards underneath will be however if you are interested to know it is…

3 of diamonds, 9 of spades, 9 of hearts, 7 of clubs, 8 of clubs underneath the 6. With the three being the one nearest the top.

queen of hearts, king of hearts underneath the 8 of diamonds.

2 of spades and 7 of spades underneath the jack.

So with a post in your name and eternal love at steak, good luck! (Also I don’t expect you to do it if you don’t want too – obviously – this is a dumb joke – though if you do it anyway I will write you a post)

So the durability of these cards doesn’t seem that good, so the only reason why you’d collect them is for the designs and because your a fan!

Thanks for having a look!


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