The Wildhunt – Chapter 2

The old Koka was dead, and all knew the name “Ivette” yet the music stayed the same.

I don’t remember how it happened, or when it happened, but slowly over time. The music of Ivette was replaced, gradually and slowly, until all that was left was the remains of the old Koka, and nobody had noticed because over time the chords had changed slightly, and so had the lyrics.

Now I was at the most famous Tavern in all the kingdom, “The Maiden’s Heart” it was the richest, most expensive, most prominent, and most prestige. And I was performing there. Dressed in fine upper class clothing and merrily singing into the night. The only thing that might have looked out of place was the horn-like shell that I kept tied shoulder to shoulder at all times.

I was content, happy actually.

It was there that I was finally given, the chance to perform in front of the king.

I played well, it was nothing unusual to me, I was used to performing under pressure. Afterwards I was employed to be there for three months, singing and playing most nights, and travelling with the king.

In the times where I wasn’t learning I was taught lessons and got to practice sword fighting.

My weapon of choice was the rapier. It just came naturally.

The leader of the guards was called Vincent Moon, and he was the best sword fighter there. Yet he was incredibly prideful, but so was I. Therefore I made it into a competition between us.

The sad thing was that one day, after many losses, I had finally bested him, through some gimmick and trick that meant that he wouldn’t talk to me again.

But throughout this whole time I had been working in another profession, smithing. Not because I liked it, but because I wanted to make a certain type of rapier.

Perhaps it wasn’t fair to say that the lute was the only thing that mattered, now it was music, as well as my family and friends.

So I wanted a kind of rapier that wouldn’t just hit people, but make a sound, a musical note of some kind, but it just wasn’t working.

At around this time I heard it rumoured that the king was getting bored of me. And I didn’t blame him, my other songs were quite different, and he would have gotten used to his usual favourites.

I was running out of time.

I asked the king, that instead of payment, he would get me a musical rapier, that could play music.

Several months later he gave it to me, as a farewell gift.

The sword in question was lovely and well decorated, but not to the level of a rich nobleman.

It was however far better than I had anticipated. It was fair to say that it was like magic, it had the capability to play every note. It was a fully fledged instrument.

Hitting it on each and every different part would sound wonderful and different.

But what I never realised, was that I would actually need that weapon. For when I returned home, I found a place of utter chaos.


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