Did Kaiji Escape Part 2

I didn’t think this would need a part two, but the level of thought gone into the newest chapters of the Kaiji manga make the story keep going, and make more theories plausible.

The problem with the last story was that Kaiji couldn’t ride a motorbike, yet the masked man rode a motorbike, so it couldn’t have been Kaiji. Yet there’s still a lot of evidence that something has taken place. So what has actually happened?

The answer is quite simple. We see a different person wearing Kaiji’s costume, and presumably Kaiji’s mum would know this person. So it’s a simple matter of explaining the situation to him and then hiding in his house.

But that still means that Kaiji has not escaped and is in fact in the process of escaping! That gives us more problems though.

Teai is monitoring Kaiji’s home more than ever, and with their new system, of drawing residents and checking them against the list there is a slim chance that he’ll be missed.

From here on it’s all speculation, obviously, and the most recent chapter is 315. And at the level of depth that Kaiji’s situation is scrutinised this post will probably be relevant for about a month.

So being in a different place without wiretaps offers advantages. For example Chang and Mario who Kaiji can now freely call to explain his situation can help him a lot. Communication was a huge difficulty when Chang ditched the car, so this can help Kaiji a lot.

I think the idea of a hit and run is out of the question. Chang and Mario cannot just drive up and drive away really quickly. It would create a chase all over again and there is no guarantee that they would win it.

So what is his plan?

Something that occurred to me was something Kaiji said about waiting them out. If Kaiji’s friend were to wear that same old lady uniform for long enough the people watching will start to doubt their own memory, think that they were just mistaken and then go back to how they were.

This plan is inconvenient, and quite unreliable, but it’s not like Kaiji has many other options.

The alternative to that “hit and run” idea is  calling Endou’s plan and then using it to Kaiji’s advantage.

Endou breaking into Kaiji’s apartment was something that could have been expected. So Kaiji could run out while everyone was in his room. Then using Chang and Mario he could jump in the car before anyone on watch could get him. And in the confusion Kaiji has a good chance of escaping.

But what I really want above all this for it to be something insanely cool by Fukumoto that we haven’t thought of. That would be amazing.

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