Becoming Ippo

One day I was sat down at the computer desk or looking at my phone, likely as you are now. I was just browsing YouTube and getting myself distracted, sort of passing the time, when a video from the best guy ever popped up. Considering that this was indeed, the best guy ever, I naturally opened it. And there was a line in the video, more of a throwaway than the actual subject, but it changed the way I viewed things.

“What’s your excuse for not working out today?”

He said, proudly shouting. Try as you might, I couldn’t think of anything other than I didn’t want too.

Now before you click away with your skeptic nerd mind fully engaged, let me remind you that before this happened I was just as opposed to exercise as the rest of you.

I wish I could say that I immediately acted on this mans advice and dropped down straight away into press ups. But it didn’t turn out that way, not at all. The actual reality was that I forgot for a while and only decided to do it for one day as a random spur of the moment thing.

I worked out that night for a solid hour. I thought – well it doesn’t cost anything, and I can at least say that I’ve tried.

And the fact that it doesn’t cost anything is definitely true. Besides doing it too much, the only bad thing I can think of about working out, is doing it. If there was anything else that made you stronger, live longer, look better and be happier with yourself then we would all be doing it – yet a lot of people seem to throw all that stuff out of the way because it’s a pain in the arse.

And a pain in the arse it is, but it’s likely the only pain in the arse you’ve ever have that day.

When I worked out for that first hour I realised that too my horror, I still felt that same shoulder problem, that dislocates it every time I do too many press ups. And I found that I could no longer do sit ups due to a life of bad posture which meant I was putting my entire weight on one spinal bone in my body which was less than an inch long.  And then, there was of course the pain the next day, yeah I couldn’t squat even slightly without feeling some pain. This sounds a heck of a lot worse than it actually was now that I write it down and think about it! Perhaps I should have realised I went too far.

Anyway, I hope I’ve established that it’s just as annoying and painful for me, as it would be for you. I hope at least.

But what I found when I crashed into my comfy rotating chair at the end of all of that, was not a feeling of sickness, pain or that I wasted my time. But a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. After I did that I rewarded myself by blasting on my favourite song (I guess) and the feeling was so brilliant, it’s honestly just worth it just for that.

The feeling of doing that can not be communicated, you just have to try it once, and trust me.

Anyway – what happened next?

The only way that I knew I would be able to keep up with this kind of thing was to make it a real pain to do. If it was easy, you would forget it, and it ultimately wouldn’t be that useful anyway. So I committed to doing what I had done the day prior (for only half an hour instead of 1 hour) every day. And for the past 15 days I’ve been doing it. That number sounds small but it feels like so long ago now since I started.

I found here that it takes 18-21 days for something to become a habit, but I’m pretty confident that I will get there.

The most progress that you will see, however is at the start. And I think I’ve definitely seen that. I’m still very skinny and weak, however there is a definite and noticeable difference, that people have pointed out to me.

As well as that I’ve been working on a lot of exercises for posture, so that’s improving too – though of course it’s not perfect.

In this latter week I have noticed myself finishing the same amount of exercise that I normally do, only to find that I still have like ten minutes left or something. Am I just speeding through it too quickly? But then I realised it was because I was spending far more time doing work instead of being in an out of breath collapsed heap.

I’m googling exercises and things to do extra to fill the time, and I particularly make a thing of forcing me to keep the ones that are the most painful and difficult to do (Since they’re more useful)

Before I move on to the main point of this I also want to give advice for if you have that shoulder problem with press ups and back problem with sit ups.

I’ve solved the sit ups problem by doing them on the bed instead of the floor, it is painless to do it that way.

Then I still do press ups, just not very many because I don’t want to tempt fate. You can do standing push ups by leaning on things and pushing yourself up and down, and you can also do girl push ups – which are easier but at that angle don’t give me shoulder trouble. I know I said whatever’s most painful, but if I do press ups too much I won’t be able to use my right shoulder for like a month – so it’s not very productive. Then of course theirs the plank, which I think is way more painful than press ups anyway, which means it’s probably more useful overall.

Since I’m going to be tagging this in fitness and that kind of thing I’m hoping people who know what they’re talking about will be able to comment on this kind of thing.

Anyway, now on to the main point of the post. Becoming Ippo.

I am going to be the treasurer and inclusions officer of the cosplay society next year, so I need a cosplay. After legit months of thought (and thinking about how a Krauser from DMC would really look like on me) I settled on Ippo, because the costume seemed easy – just buy boxing stuff.

However my dear friend pointed out to me that I was in no fit shape to cosplay Ippo with the justice he deserves. So I decided that that would be my goal, to one day be fit and strong enough to cosplay as Ippo – and get away with an easy cosplay – and not have to like stick paper mache together or something. Yeah one of these things sounds way easier than the other!

But how will I have time to become Ippo? I thought, as I entered the last two weeks of exams before the year was over… yeah I’m soon going to have plenty of time, what was I thinking? So that’s the goal, three months to look like Ippo, it will probably take longer but that doesn’t matter too much since it will be more than three months until the next con of cosplay society anyway.

Oh god, Ippo has a natural six pack… great.

But ultimately this is shooting for the starts, but if I land on the moon, hey I made it somewhere!

Now if you don’t mind I’m going to put pictures of the three best boxers in the heavyweight division to get people who don’t want to watch anime to read this. You know how featured images work and that kind of thing.

It’s also because I’ve been getting back into boxing through AJ’s YT channel, and honestly it’s good and inspiring motivation.

I fear he might be the worse of the three though even though I like him the most. Considering the Tyson Wilder fight happened I’m worried his team is holding him back.
Of course, it’s madness that he still has his belt, but a tie’s a tie. Fury will get him next time.
The redemption arc of a lifetime in progress. There is definitely something to be learned from Fury, without a doubt.

Of the three I think Fury stands the most chance of getting all the belts, even if AJ or Wilder gets to them first. But I’m sorry Americans, I’ve got to root for my English boys AJ and Fury. Either one I’d be happy with getting them all.

Oh and one last thing – I’m fully aware that half an hour a day sounds pitiful to a lot of people.

But after this moderately long post I want to ask you a question, what’s your excuse for not working out today?

3 months? Eh, possible.

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