So What Happened to Kaiji? Kaiji Part 6 – Chapter 62 – Revelation – Review

So I know all of you have been waiting with baited breath to finally find out what happened to Kaiji! This section of the manga, with Kaiji planning his escape and then executing it has taken 22 chapters and now it seems like it’s finally over!

While it was great for most of it, there was a section where it under-performed, and that was when they switched perspective to Endou.

But first I’d like to say that I’ve been waiting for this for three months and theirs only been 7 chapters! It’s been so painful. But it’s not the translators faults – they’ve been doing great as always – it’s just that now that we’re caught up to the manga it’s one chapter a week, and as well as that Fukumoto has a monthly manga too, which means that when he writes that theirs no Kaiji either!

So that combined with golden week means that it’s been a really painful wait. Kurosawa’s a great manga to do monthly, and we must give him a break at some point, I just wish it could have come at a time where we weren’t all waiting to see what was happening.

So now that the arc of Kaiji visiting his mum is over (yes I know that sounds ridiculous) let’s talk about how it concluded.

Ages ago I released a post called “Did Kaiji escape?” and simply, the answer was yes. Everything I wrote in that post happened exactly. And that’s what sucks about it!

For like two months we’ve been theorising and reading, only to find that it’s exactly what we thought – Great our time was wasted!

To be honest watching Endou’s perspective was interesting, however I don’t like it taking so long.

  1. The first Endou chapter was good because it was when we found another person dressed in the old woman’s costume, and we all started theorising about how Kaiji escaped.

  2. The next chapter was fine but not great. It was a transition chapter – a plan to explain the break in that they would try and attempt.

  3. Then the chapter after is slow, and continues setting up their plans even though they really could have been condensed.

  4. Then the next chapters only sort of good – the only thing we learn is that Kaiji’s not there. We have two theories – the first one is the motorcycle one from part 1, the other is that he’s staying with a friend. And the hope is that Fukumoto has something excellent planned that we haven’t even thought of.

  5. The chapter after is not good at all. The entire thing is re-searching the house even though they’ve searched it already. Nobody has seen Kaiji or anyone escape.

  6. The next chapter is probably where it should have switched perspective. But we get a really dumb red herring where two people confess that they fell asleep while watching for him. Then theirs this whole sign metaphor and it’s just really long winded.

  7. Then that leaves us with the final chapter which released today, and told us everything, and half of it was spent in KFC where Endou was punishing the people who fell asleep! Then it was revealed that it had happened as we expected it too.

So here’s the thing – the way I describe this now feels horribly unfair – this is still interesting stuff if I’m being honest. So where did it go wrong?

The simple thing is the time that it released. If this were released in it’s old twice a week format or even weekly format it would have been highly entertaining and I don’t think anyone would have minded. The problem was that for almost a month we got nothing and were theorising – to an extent that everything would be a let down.

Everything else here is also in the normal Fukumoto style – however it’s just impatience that lead it to be a disappointment.

In any other manga this level of pacing would have been fine, however when you read weekly, it really lets you down.

Anyway it’s all over now! Look forward to see what happens next – seems like they’ll be making their money easier to transport – and then crossing the boarder!

Also, anyone else want an update on Kazuya? I really want to see him convince them to call everyone off Kaiji.


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