Why I’m Deleted the ADB (Like 200 blog posts)

First of all what even is the ADB for people who don’t know?

The ADB is a series of blog posts that was intended to act as an anime database. It was supposed to be a collection of every anime I watched, giving people recommendations and other shows to look at as well as information and reviews. The whole idea was that it was interconnected, so that even though each post individually might not be great, the whole thing being connected would be.

In my opinion this did not work out though and the project wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. The posts individually did not stand out at all in my opinion, and a lot of them were really unhelpful to people because I had watched them such a long time ago.

Then they weren’t detailed really, and honestly I don’t think they offered much insight. Or were helpful.

Then there was the problem of tagging it. Half of my bookmarks bar is dedicated to the ADB and I just hate the look of it.

Ultimately I don’t want anyone to see it honestly at this point. I don’t want people coming to this blog and thinking that the ADB is representitive of everything when it really isn’t.

What I will be doing is keeping up the post called “ADB – all entries” so if you really badly want to revisit any reviews (and I doubt you would) you can find it here.

I’ll leave this open for a little while to allow more time to make sure this is definitely what I want to do – and then one day it will have vanished.

Do you remember that post where I had a lot of my posts plagiarised? That was a really annoying and quite sad time of being on WordPress. There were posts put on that website that I cared a lot about and were really sad to see taken.

However this happened at when the ADB was coming out and I was just confused. Why on earth would anyone want to take this in the first place? I thought, but at the time I thought the competitiveness would be worth it.

But now I don’t really think it’s like that at all. No one uses it like that – which I should have expected when MAL exists and is much better.

The ADB served it’s purpose for the time, which was having constantly outputting blog posts scheduled during exams. But now I don’t like it – and I can get rid of it, so why not get rid of it?

I’m hopefully my harshest critic, which means hopefully nobody’s going to miss those posts!

Hey my exams end on Thursday 6th – When that happens, maybe I’ll post more. Got to make up for those 200 lost posts!


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Deleted the ADB (Like 200 blog posts)

  1. Your reason for wanting to delete so many posts makes a lot more sense now! If that’s what you want to do, then go for it. It makes sense that you want the quality of your posts to be consistent across the blog. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, it’s been over a year since I made it though and I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

      The only tough decision is undoing the work and time that I put in. But as I said in the post, the work isn’t good, and it doesn’t feel right putting out stuff that’s a much lower standard than usual.

      If I had really taken time to work on it, instead of rushing it all in a month and making like 15-30 posts a day I think I would have kept it.

      But the whole thing is such a mess that I would rather get rid of it than go back through and fix everything wrong with it.

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