YouTube Music Review – Use It

I, like every single other person who heard the news, was very sceptical to YouTube music as you can get the exact same thing on normal YouTube. And while that’s true, there is a certain special reason why you should still use it if you want to listen to music.

It is better than YouTube music, if you want to listen to music, if you use it on a PC, and if you have adblock.

If you fill those requirements then you should use YouTube music.

Obviously I don’t know what music you like or listen too, so I can’t right away say get rid of your spotify and soundcloud either. But most music is also on YouTube, and therefore YouTube music.

Now you should avoid YouTube music like the plague if you listen to music through your phone – purely because of the cost. But it’s free on PC – I’ve been using it without spending money.

If you have been using YouTube for music I recommend that you switch – because it’s exactly like YouTube – but with everything you want removed.

There isn’t much to this review – you can listen to songs for free, and in an easier way than YouTube!

I don’t recommend paying for it, or watching the ads.

Even though it leeches from YouTube and takes everything from it, it still builds on it in a way that creates a better product in my opinion.

As a person who is studying Chinese – I’ve been listening to so much Chinese music lately and it’s been so good and easy to find more. And it’s also been much easier to keep track of what I want to listen too than it would have been on YouTube.

So that’s the review, if you fall under these very specific categories then I recommend it to you. It’s not massively better than YouTube, but just better enough.

I don’t know  how popular YouTube music is to be honest – however I know I overlooked it. So if theirs someone like me out there I’d be glad to reach them.

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