I Hate Superlative Questions

I'm currently doing this 30 days Asian drama challenge where I need to answer a different question every day from a list of thirty, and I'm starting to get a little annoyed by the frequency of superlative questions. What are superlative questions? It's stuff like "favourite", "least favourite", "best", "worst" Let me give you a … Continue reading I Hate Superlative Questions

I Don’t Tend To Re-watch Anything

Even if I really liked the show a lot I will rarely re-watch it. There are of course plenty of reasons to this, and of course reasons in the specific cases where I would overlook these reasons to re-watch it! So why go back to re-watch something? The obvious reason is that you enjoy it, … Continue reading I Don’t Tend To Re-watch Anything

Air City – When Korea Gets Meth

If you were to say "Western drama" and "Meth" it's not difficult to assume that you would leap towards thinking about Breaking Bad. Now could you imagine a version of Breaking Bad, but it's an Asian drama instead? I personally couldn't, and if there is a show like breaking bad but Asian then please let … Continue reading Air City – When Korea Gets Meth

Why Watch Shows Seasonally?

Today's question was "Favourite drama season and why?" but I may spoil you now and say I don't have one, because I do not really watch anything seasonally. First of all I didn't even know that seasons for Asian drama's existed, the length of drama's tend to be longer than 12 episodes, more like 20, … Continue reading Why Watch Shows Seasonally?

Are Anime’s Also Asian Drama’s?

It's hard to imagine anyone really taking this question seriously, but if you think about it perhaps theirs a compelling case. Of course, they're so different that we need both words however let's think about this properly, or well try too. Asian drama's are obviously not anime, however that doesn't mean that the opposite is … Continue reading Are Anime’s Also Asian Drama’s?

In A Story, I Think I Like Openings The Most

This is something that I've learned slowly, and obviously it's not a rule that is always true, it just tends to be that I like the introduction the most. This doesn't mean that I don't anticipate an ending, and enjoy it, perhaps the finale is what I sometimes like the most in shows. But in … Continue reading In A Story, I Think I Like Openings The Most

Shows With Ridiculously High Episode Count

To many people the number of episodes in a series can be off-putting, and people may not want to get into something that is so long since it might distract them from other things. I think shows with a large episode count would be much more of a problem/concern for me if I actually cared … Continue reading Shows With Ridiculously High Episode Count