Why I Avoid Live Action Adaptations From Anime And Manga – Using Liar Game As An Example

Before I even got into Asian Drama’s I was a fan of this manga called Liar Game, and thought it would be interesting if there was an anime adaptation of it. There wasn’t so I settled on watching, and actually reviewing episodically the Japanese version of Liar Game.

I didn’t watch it out of enjoying it, quite the opposite, it eventually turned into me ragging on it the entire time. And it plays into the idea of why I tend to avoid adaptations in general now, well only if it’s to do with anime or manga really.

So let’s use Liar Game as an example to why I tend to avoid adaptations!

Well the main obvious reason is that the source material tends to be better, but let’s go beyond that.

From experience I have found that adaptations simply make everything ridiculous and unbelievable.

Let’s start with the settings. In Liar Game every place is changed completely to a point where it doesn’t seem to fit really. What I liked about liar game was how simple some of the layouts were, and how bright it always was.

When I go into these episodes expecting to see the really cool building, it was always turned into this dark place with stupid lights and props everywhere. But the worst was with the smuggling game.

Part of what made it cool was that the setting was like this small abandoned airport, and the players were like smugglers getting the money across. The fact that the liar game corporation could rent out a place like this made it really cool, and the setting just made everything interesting.

So what happened? It became this like dark fire pit of hell where you couldn’t even see anything and all intrigue to do with that area in particular was lost. And the same thing is repeated over and over again.

Like the musical chairs competition. Why turn a lovely and aesthetically amazing island into a wasteland? Why get rid of beautiful locations and outdoor scenes where people would be talking with great backgrounds to rubbishy and disgusting messed up buildings? It just makes the whole film much worse to look at.

But by far the worst and most devastating flaw of these adaptations is how dumbed down they are.

There is no reason why Asians should be less smart than we are, especially if stereotypes are to be believed, so why does everyone in my adaptations act like complete dumbasses?

Do you not realise it takes away from everything when your characters are dressed like idiots, scream and jump around every time it looks like it’s going their way, propose idiotic plans with no thought and stupid facial expressions, and scream at everyone in a “you naughty boy I am offended” kind of way?

This is something that liar game falls guilty of.

But obviously not every adaptation is like liar game, in fact most adaptations do not involve the psychological mind games of liar game believe it or not!

Yesterday I talked about how much I loved GTO for example. So obviously its not a general rule, but if a show is an adaptation in this sort of genre, then yeah I will generally steer clear. Same if it’s an action show too, but that’s also because I just don’t find action very interesting.

Technically if the adaptation doesn’t divert and make everyone crazy then I will probably like it. It’s just, how likely is that with anime or manga adaptations?

Right now I wouldn’t say that I’m massively opposed to some adaptations, however I just feel more inclined to watch originals right now.

Thanks for reading day 2 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I would have answered the question “Your first Japanese Drama?” however, since I already talked about that yesterday you got the second Japanese drama I watched instead!


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