My Worst Asian Drama Experience Was With “The Handmaiden”

I cannot really talk about the worst Asian Drama’s I’ve seen, because I’ve honestly seen so little bad that I don’t want to talk about it, because it would be unfair on the thing I was talking about.

So instead how about we talk about some really, really bad viewing experiences.

So enter the handmaiden, which is not a film you want to be watching with parents around. But first let’s have some context.

At my university I was given a poster for free, the image above was the poster. Because I suddenly found myself with more wall space I thought “hey I’ll put it on anyway even though it looks so bad” – so cut to 9 months later when I’m back home from university, realising that my amazon prime movie membership is running out, and I need to get around to those ones I always wanted to see but never had time for.

Then what do I see? Oh if it isn’t the handmaiden!

Out of curiosity, without knowing anything about the film, I watch it thinking it will be good to see what it was all about.

My parents are out so I decide to put it on my TV downstairs, sure the film won’t be finished by the time they get back, but I figured it would be so nearly over that they wouldn’t mind watching it for a little bit.

Anyway we get through the entirety of part 1, and it’s gotten quite interesting. Spoilers by the way!

We are introduced to this devious girl who is known to be a trickster, and we see her becoming a handmaiden and getting to know the girl in charge of the house. What commences is some interesting politics, and scheming that is rather interesting to see.

Of course it’s the handmaiden who comes to the house with an agenda, to make her marry someone. It doesn’t quite go as planned really, especially as she gets to know the girl she starts to lose sight of her mission.

But it ends with a betrayal! She is taken away to a medical home for thinking that she’s a servant girl when she’s actually the lady of the house (she is of course framed) and it’s a very interesting direction to take the story in.

One thing that was an immediate bad omen was that there was a sex scene, but the reason why I wasn’t as concerned was that it didn’t show very much, and was much less graphic and explicit than you might expect.

Anyway part two keeps progressing and it’s not exactly continuing the story, instead it’s reversing the story, replaying the same things and giving us more context from other people’s perspectives.

Anyway they start going into abstract art mode and start focus on the lady of the house, who is forced to read erotic sex stories to the men, who sit around watching laughing. Enter my parents who sit down next to me asking questions about the film, and it’s the most awkward thing so far.

They don’t actually pay attention to it, but sit around instead doing other things while waiting, occasionally looking up to read.

So I’m unsure of what to do, but so far it’s not been massively explicit, there has just been one bad scene and the rest has been perfectly fine, so I assume it’s the same for this as well. I thought I’d grit my teeth through the awkwardness.

But as you can imagine I was wrong. The scene of the girl reading got progressing and got even worse. to a point where they left the room because of it.

If only I realised that was a blessing in disguise.

With my parents now in their bedroom, and me watching downstairs, though they couldn’t see everything they could hear it.

And scenes that might have been enjoyable by myself were made terrifying by the fact that they could choose to open the door at any moment, I think you can guess what I’m referring too.

Then they recap the sex scene from part 1 of the film, and it’s not good. While it opens in the same way, it gets far more graphic and loud, and just worrisome to me, as no scene like that can be enjoyed with the threat of your parents entry.

I decide to end it and call it a day, and take it upstairs to my room, and though I was relatively fine afterwards, the scars from previously never truly wore away. Some things cannot be enjoyed with parents.

Anyway that was my worst experience watching an Asian drama, how about you?

And thank you for reading day 4 of the 30 days of Asian Drama challenge! This wasn’t an easy one to write! The sad thing is the film wasn’t actually that great, but perhaps we’ll save that for another time!

So I guess I technically answered “The worst Asian drama you’ve ever seen?” however obviously this is only the worst because of the experience of watching, I don’t think it’s actually nearly as bad as other stuff out there!


2 thoughts on “My Worst Asian Drama Experience Was With “The Handmaiden”

  1. Yikes, awkward! My parents have walked in on too many questionable anime scenes to question what I watch, and they were fine with Game of Thrones fanservice when I was watching that, so…😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I know right. Sometimes its just awkward though. my parents were like “want to watch GOT with us” and I was like “no way” – my parents would hate that kind of thing. Not the first time its happened to me or anyone, it sucks I guess haha

      Liked by 1 person

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